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First Cycle in 10 Years


Hey guys, I've been around T-Nation for a long time and started a new account specifically for this question. Due to my employer and a lot of people knowing me on here I needed to be careful. I recently started my first cycle in over 10 years and have gone very mild. I'm 34 years old and have been seriously training for 15+years. My training and diet are completely on point and I'm far from a beginner, and I feel I have taken it as far as I can naturally. I say all of this so you guys know I'm not some newb around here and definitely not a troll. I trust the knowledge and experience on this board and that's why I've gone through this trouble to ask this question on this forum.

Ok, not looking for advice on my cycle, just answers to my questions if yall have them. I just started 40mg of Anavar a day and 250 Test E a week. I also plan on adding in HCG and Liquid Arimidex around week 4. Plan on running Var for 6-8 weeks and the Test for 10. I am taking Liv 52, Lipid Support, Fish Oil, garlic, a R-ALA. I also use a syperfood greens mix as well. My concern is I have been on a week so far and will need to take a physical for my employer and insurance purposes in the next few weeks. I know this is a pretty mild cycle and I am taking many precautions supplement wise.

Will this intake at these dosages disrupt my Lipid panels and Liver values that much over the next few weeks that it will show out of range values in my bloodwork?? At these doses how long if at all would it take to mess with my cholesterol and liver values?? Did a bunch of googeling, but couldn't really find a timeline as far as doses and ranges of system disruption. Thanks guys for any insight.


The anavar will have a greater effect on lipid profile than the testosterone. Although I cant say if the cumulative effect of both is something else to be worried about.

Liver enzymes may be slightly elevated, but there are hundreds of explanations for high liver enzymes. Guys who lift weights tend to have higher than normal liver enzymes in the first place.

Take more fish oil than you normally do. This will help prevent HDL from dropping too much.

I dont know if anyone can definitively say WHEN the effects will show, if they even show at all.


THanks Bonez.


Ok guys. I have some more specifics and was wondering. Still been googling but haven't come up with any definitive answers so I was hoping maybe some real world experiences could be found on here. I've been on 40mg Var a day for 3 weeks now along with 250mg Test E a week for 3 weeks and I started 250iu of HCG twice a week with 4 doses taken so far as well as .5mg LIquid Adex EOD for the past week. I have my physical on Monday for work. I know that the drug screen is a 7 panel, so there are no concerns there. I monitor BP daily and have never had a problem in that department. Do you guys think that anything would show up abnormal after only 3-4 weeks in that would raise any red flags??? Diet is clean, no booze and support supps are in place. Thanks in advance.


I am blood tested for general health parameters ever year in my line of work. Liver and kidney function, creatinine, glucose serum, BUN, WBC, RBC, HDL, LDL, enzymes etc etc etc. I've been on for every single test the last 5 years and only once had anything really abnormal, which was the liver profile, which was elevated above the high normal range, but not drastically so. I was on test tren and drol at the time. I can't say for sure, but seeing as how you are taking all those support supplements, and your dosages are not drastic, I'd venture a guess that you should be fine. At worst, i'd guess that you may have liver values in the high range.


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Thanks Bushy! I'm dropping in here a little more often lately. PM me and we'll catch up.


Thanks brother, thats exactly the type of thing I wanted to hear. Hopefully with just 40mg Var a day for just 3 weeks so far won't get the liver values out of whack too much. Plus I'm taking the Liv 52, ALA, I also do like John Meadows suggested and drink the juice of a whole lemon every morning which I add to a organ detox tea. I also take a few tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar a day as well. I think my liver should be pretty damn clean, lol.