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First Cycle, Impulsive Behaviour

Does anyone else experience a rise in impulsive behaviour while on cycle?

I’m doing my first test only cycle at 500 and I feel like I’m more likely to make quick impulsive decisions… I guess most of the rash behaviour is focused on me getting my way and has been a positive in some regard but nevertheless is kind of worrying.

Testosterone will exacerbate a whole lot of things, including impulsivity. There was actually a study realeased last year that showed guys on testosterone reacted more quickly than the placebo group when given brain teaser questions. They relied more on gut instinct rather than being more thorough and analytical. I’ll try to find the study when I get the chance today. I think it was conducted by Caltech, but don’t hold me to that.

I feel as if I am quicker and sharper on cycle. However that could be a placebo effect as I remember reading that testosterone helped with the cognitive process or some how led to a faster or more efficient thought process. I also read that there was a correlation between higher testosterone levels and a decrease chance of developing Alzheimer’s.
All that said it was just stated in something that I read there was no evidence backing it up like a clinical study reference.