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First Cycle (I'm Sorry)

it must be infuriating for you guys to keep seeing these “first cycle halp” but i’ve been researching my cycle for close to 6 months and i’m hoping it will hold up to your scrutiny.

27 y/o, training for 3 years, 5’10", 165lbs, 10%bf. i did a pretty serious PH cycle about a year ago. (m-stne, p-stane, ep-stane) with no PCT. well, i used legal PCT, i don’t know if it even did anything.

i’m gonna run:

test-e 250mg weeks 1-10
dbol 20mg ED weeks 1-4
nolva 20mg ED weeks 11-13
nolva 10mg ED weeks 13-15

first cycle so i’m not going to go crazy. i have some liquid letrozole on hand just in case. or should i use it during my PCT? also, is that PCT adequate? i have some clomid lying around, but not enough to make a cycle out of. i read so many differing opinions on PCT, even after reading quite a bit i’m still inclined to risk looking like a jackass and ask.

The vets are better suited to advise…so take this for what its worth as i have yet to step into the “darkside”… but your pct should not start in week 11 with test e. Even though its a low dose, you will still have too much exogenous test in your system to commence pct. Also, 3 years of training and 165 lbs tells me you have a long way to go naturally, unless you have very impressive strength numbers. Diet and training modifications can go a long way. And the guys on the board will tell you that 250 mg a week is not much of a cycle worth 10 weeks of complete suppression.

dude you are 165 lbs. Instead i gotta a better cycle for you… Weeks 1- 8323837434 FOOD @ 3000+ cals per week.

And if you dont get any sides( acne, hair loss, depression, nausea, bitch tits, shrunken testicles, rashes, blisters, constipation, thoughts of suicide, anxiety, high blood pressure/cholestrol, and or other serious side effects) and feel like getting ultra swole jump to 4000!!! YOU CAN DO ITTT

^ Made me lol