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First Cycle Idea


Ok guys, I'm 23 210 lbs and have been training seriously for 3 years, off/on for about 7 years.

I would like to do a single cycle of AAS (might be my only one... my wife-to-be is concerned that it would change me... I can't prove her wrong till I do it)

My goal is to basicly pack as much quality (retainable) size on as I can... and I won't be too upset if I lose some BF too.

We are getting married in October so now is really my best time to do this. So here's what I'm thinking... Let me know how off base I am,


Week 1 900mg SuperTest
Day 8 450mg SuperTest

Day 10 - Week 6
150mg Test Prop 150mg Tren Ace EOD

Week 7 - Week 9
1000 ui HCG (4x500)
40mg Nolva ED
Alpha Male

Week 10
30mg Nolva ED
Alpha Male

Week 11 20mg Nolva ED
Alpha Male

Week 1-6 .5 ADex EOD


Why not just keep it simple? I think you have overcomplicated this. The tren/test combo is a good one but some guys will tell you that tren is not good for a first cycle as it can have some unwanted sides (night sweats, insomnia, etc) and others have done it with no problems.
I also think you have your dosages way to high for a first cycle. here is what i would do if you want to keep it a six week cycle:

week 1-6:
tren 75mg EOD
Test prop 100mg EOD

This will allow you to start PCT in week 7 with the short esters and wont throw your time frame off too much. Many guys have used this combo (see Rainjack) and have had great results. You can raise dosages/frenquency if you dont experience bad sides but i think that this will be a very good first cycle.
As for PCT you will want to use nolva and HCG and have nolva on hand during cycle as well in case of a gyno flare up. it shouldnt happen with the tren in the mix but stranger things have happened.

I recommend looking at Anthony Roberts' PCT article as he makes some good points.


Why not just run 500mg of Test E or Test Cyp and run A-dex throughout the cycle?

Keep it simple.


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Well I've got the last 3 of those covered as is :smiley:

Thanks for all of the good advice guys... I'll rework and be back soon.


isnt supertest multi estered testosterone?


32 mg per ml of testosterone acetate
147 mg per ml of testosterone decanoate
73 mg per ml of testosterone propionate
73 mg per ml of testosterone phenylpropionate
125 mg per ml of testosterone cypionate


Ok... I've decided that test/tren only would be the way to go...

So I have 2 options as I see it

Week 1-8
75mg Test ED
75mg Tren ED


Week 1-8
50mg Test ED
50mg Tren ED

Running .5 mcg ADex EOD

Still deciding on PCT... Right now I have enough nolva to do whatever I want...

So 2 Questions

What would you expect the difference in gains to be from 75mg vs 50mg


With this cycle do you guys think Nolva would be enough or should I go for AR's PCT with HCG/Nolva/Aromasin?


Don't run the tren at the same dosage you run the test. If you do 75mg test prop, run 50mg tren.

50mg prop might not do much for you. 75mg tren on a first cycle may be way too much.

Personally I would go with 75mg test prop 50mg tren ed.

But I am not an expert.