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First Cycle. How's It Look?

thanks for taking the time to give me a hand.

i would like to try a test only cycle, shouldnt too complicated i would imagine.

test e. 500 mg ew 10 weeks

clomid 100mg day 1, 50 mg day 2-week 2, 50 mg ed. i would like to keep some hcg on hand in case, but i would prefer to use only clomid, or maybe nolva i guess cost would be the major factor.

thanks again.

Test only for a first is good. You aren’t concerned about holding water at all? If not, then you’re good to go. If you are, you may want to look in to anti E on cycle.

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Test only is the way to go the first time out. Excellent choice.

I agree with everyone eles - you might want an AI like adex during the cycle and keep the nolva handy in case the boob fairy visits.

All of the ancilliaries are readily available for fairly cheap. I happen to be partial to a particualr place…but I won’t mention it here. Nope…I am NOT a whore. I am not a whore. I am not a whore.

so i would be safe running only the adex daily? reccomended dose is .25-1 mg per day, sound about right? should i lean towards the 1 mg, or the .25 ? forget the clomid and keep some nolva in case? to be safe should i just use the nolva during the cycle, or do you think this is a mellow enough cycle i could run it at the end if needed? i have heard that too much can cause a pretty big reduction in your gains, but i am a little worried about my bf% and having a problem with gyno. right now i am about 18% bf, should i work on that first?

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Bump Bushy. At higher BF%, you will probably have a tougher fight with the aromatising - and ultimately more prone to gyno.

But that is just my opinion.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
If it were me, I would first work towards getting leaner - either assisted or unassisted.

I would also only run 0.25mg a’dex ED as too much will affect your libido.


What’s the best assisted aproach for getting leaner?

Hey Guys don’t mean to hijack the thread just had a question on my first cycle with a different choice. Because i’m a puss and am not ready for injectables yet i’ve decided to try some var 50mg ed 7 weeks. Would love to hear some feedback for those that have tried i know some say it’s week and highly unavailable etc but i think for my first i’m okay with it. Also what do you think of PCT necessary or not highly debated topic… i have some nolva onhand but am not sure as to how much and how long to use it for. Thanks for your response