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First Cycle: How to Do the Injection?

About to run my first cycle I have everything I need gear, pct, needles, ai if needed
Starting off with 250mg test e a week
Going to inject in my glute the injection needles I have are 23g 1.25’ should I insert the whole needle or is this too deep and leave some out?
Advice is much appreciated

Yes I’m a noob at this

Like she said “the deeper, the better”

Typically, I run 1" needles with no problem. 1.25 is great too. Make sure to draw with an 18 guage, then switch to your 23g. Also, twist (don’t push) the plunger till a few drops run down the needle. This will lube it up and help it slide in.

IF you are a noob, I would suggest starting with quads.

Did you get the gym membership yet?

No need to aspirate anything. These are IM injections.

If that’s all your doing a week why not use insulin needles and pin in smaller muscles?

There’s really no need to use huge needles and 3ml syringes for a total of 1ml of gear a week.

There are some YouTube videos you can review about how to go I’M.
I agree with zeek1414. At 250mg just get insulin needles and go SUBQ twice a week.
.75cc taken every 2.5 days.

Try and get as educated as you can before you do this. It’s important you know what you’re doing.