First cycle help

I have decided to do my first cycle and I want gains, but nothing too drastic. I can afford to gain about ten lb’s, but no more than that. I’ll admit I am a bit of a pussy and want to avoid multiple weekly injections if possible.
I figure I will run D-bol at 30mg/day for about six weeks of my eight week cycle. What is my best choice to run with it for strength and moderate weight gains. I’ve been toying with sust, but I would reaally like to run Primo or deca, do you think I will gain enough from either of the two stacked with the d’s.

WHen u are looking for ten pounds why not try mag10 with the d-bol for two weeks?

I haven’t looked into any legal stuff out there, because I’mm always under the assumption that it’s all crap. Have you actually seen some good results from Mag-10, and if so was it taking recomended dosage or did you up it.

Shit if your looking for 10 lbs seems like the new touted methyl-1-test will do that and it is legal too boot. I would not go messing around with AAS just for 10 lbs. I would change the way I train and my diet first.

Mag-10 works very well for someone who has never done any AAS before. WTIM it would make sense to try and exhaust every legal mean ex. mag-10,m-1-t, before using steroids.

I have done some stuff before, but uneducated ( d-bol, or sust cycles by themselves without any anti-e’s or post cycle therapy) I have been training serious for sometime since those days and I really feel like my body needs the AAS to get results. I’m about six foot 240 8% bodyfat, and I have a 315 clean, 700 deadlift, 600 squat, 400 bench. I also have been adding oils to everything I eat, doing multiple mrp’s a day and even doing the weight gainers. I really feel like I have exhausted every realistic quality weight gain option. This is why I figured if I stacked a couple of androgens together for six to eight weeks and used the proper anti-e, and clomid I might get exactly the results I’m looking for. I do have to weigh in within the next 6 months, and definitely don’t want to gain more than 15 lb’s. If you still think some of the legal stuff is worth a try, let me know.

Dude, those are some pretty impressive stats. Taking into account what you said, I’ll agree that and AAS cycle is a good idea. I think tren/turinabol (sp?) would be a decent stack and maybe some prop.

The legal stuff is definitely still worth a try, I think.

If you don’t want to try Mag-10 or similiar, that’s fine with me too. I’m a big fan of keeping things simple, so I say just stack some test enth. with your d-bol. In my experience, d-bol loses its kick after about 4 or 5 weeks, but you could run it longer if you like.

Wideguy, he said he didn’t want multiple injections every week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tren was definitely the first thing I thought of, until I found out that I would have to go at least EOD on injections. My only real concern is I really only have experience going to my right glute for injection sites, and I don’t know if I could safely inject in the shoulders or quads, I don’t have anyone around to actually show me the process. I have so many veins visible in those areas already, I don’t think I could avoid hitting something. Do you think I can go every other day just alternating glutes without doing too much scaring damage. By the way you guys and this board have helped me out a lot in the last couple months, thank you and thank god for the internet.

Here’s a good place to go that gives you injection procedures.

Good point merlin, I forgot reading that part. However, seeing that he has already done at least one inj. cycle, and is clearly a BIG BOY, I think he could probably go with tren. After awhile he’ll probably start to like the inj., maybe or maybe not.

i agree with wideguy. with those stats its time to get juiced up. if you have your shit together like you say you do then you should really take off from a mild test/dbol cycle.

Thanks guys, I’m pretty sure I’ve made up my mind, I’ll post progress at some point.