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First Cycle Help?

eh theres boy first timer here i need help its my first cycle and ive been getting rampid gyno growth under only my left nipple i am running test 2ML a week and 4 dbol tablets every morning, can curl 45 clean for 12 reps, no sway, no momentum, clean as a bee. anyways ive tried everything on earth like armidax aromasin caber nolvo, i even tried Letrozole for a week but felt like my bones were distegrating lmao, i dont know the dose because i had a Gram and no scale so i eyeballed it,

my bones were creaking and aching all day long and i had massive ED i left the bar with a Dime and couldnt get it up for the life of me i was Ebarresed, i had to stop the letro, any who you name it ive tried it i dont want to lower my dose because i will lose size as well is there something else i dont know of that i can try ? please no trolls this is serious my life is falling apart i should have asked for help before but i was scared of being judged

That doesn’t tell us anything. Doses are in milligrams, volume is in milliliters.

Additionally, letro is the nuclear option and you have been using God knows how much, so your side effects are unsurprising. You need a SERM to combat the gyno if AIs aren’t working. Nolva or Ralox will both work as they block estrogen from binding to breast tissue (it’s more complicated, but you don’t need the science right now, you need results). You should drop the dbol immediately. That’s a massively aromatizing drug and it will make your gyno go crazy, especially if it’s uncontrolled.

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You crashed your estrogen from spamming the ai, so you get the bones creaking and ache.
I would lay off the dbol if this is your first cycle. Just do 500 mg of Testosterone whatever compound, microdosed everyother day.
Use the ai on the beginning of third week, the dose depends from person to person but i use 0.5 mg eod.
Dbol also aromatizes into estrogen, try to avoid orals whenever possible.

If you really want to add to the test base, just add anavar 30-50 mg daily, but you don’t have to, the 500mg Testosterone will do its job, you are going to feel like superman.

i like the sound of feeling like SuperMan! dbol shot my libido through the roof all the way to Mars, will anavar do the same ? need to please the old lady… know what imsayin

does Tbal and anavar cause Gyno? heard it could dont know tho

600Test 80mg Dbol, thank you!

You need to use Tamoxifen for 3-6 months for best results reversing already existing gyno.

do you think i should use clomid with the nolvadex for 6 months? i tried nolva for a few months saw 10% shrinkage but then went stagnant for 2 months and saw no progress

No. Try Raloxifene if you think you don’t respond well to Tamoxifen. Clomid is the last thing you want to use of gyno is the issue.

R u sure?

Like am I a sure person in general? You fucking right I am.

Jeezus effing Christ.

Well, pure testosterone also give libido boost. Maybe you could reduce your testosterone dosage.

feeling like a million bucks

Why should i decrease it ?

You’re having gyno issues because you’re taking almost 3x the necessary DBol dosage. You could take 25-30mg as a first time user and feel like a million bucks with far less sides, and less health risk. You’re also taking it all at once, which is nonsense, 80mg of DBol at once is even more senseless than the dosage itself.

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Why you telling him to avoid orals whenever possible but then you suggest anavar in practically the same breath? I’m kind of splitting hairs with you, but op needs to knows exactly what you mean.

Dbol aromatises into estrogen but anavar doesn’t aromatise. He wants to stop the aromatisation by reducing the dbol.

Anyways, dbol sucks, don’t take it.