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First Cycle Help

Hey all,

Just after some advice, I’m 5 weeks into my first cycle and having some ongoing issues.
I started taking Test E at a dose of 500mg per week 5 weeks ago (two shots per week, Tuesday night and Saturday morn), two weeks in I started feeling rubbish. I was getting anxiety which was affecting sleep it would come randomly during the day last for an hr or so and then leave me feeling really run down for a couple hrs.
So from there I decided to lower my dose to lower my dose to 250mg per week (also split into two shots per week). At first this seemed to help a little, but now 5 weeks in I’m still having the same side affects.

Current side affects,
Anxiety randomly with general feeling if dred and sometimes left feeling wrecked afterwards
The odd headache with hot flush.
Hands often go to sleep when sleeping.

I haven’t taken anything for estrogen and haven’t shown any common side affects related to high estrogen, so far. I have armidex on hand ready, but from what I’ve read and my understanding of it don’t take them unless you have too. If this is wrong please let me know.

I’m 37 years old and have always trained, I eat pretty healthy what the odd cheat here the there. Currently eating 5 to 6 meals a day with a goal of putting on weight. Sitting at 92kg now, would like to get to 95kg and then lean out some.

Any advice for the above side affect would be appreciated.


Um. Remember those side effects that could be related to high estrogen that you listed? Maybe those are side effects related to high estrogen. Just spitballing here.

So Start on the Arimidex then? Low dosage?
I was only holding off only due to my libido still being good and was on the mind set that if the libido is high surely my estrogen is not to bad and with that maybe these were just side affects of testosterone.

The best way to know for sure is to go get a blood test and see where your E is at the moment. Then, of future cycles when you start to feel this way you’ll have a reasonable indication of what your blood chemistry looks like.

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This is a TRT dose, high, but TRT, and really just a waste of time.

Quit, do a PCT and move on.

How do you approach that? I see a lot of it in forums, “get blood work” “where are your levels at”. Do you just walk into your Doc and say hey I need ya to check my estrogen levels because I’ve been pinning myself with test and I feel shit?

That’s one way.

Or go to discountlabs.com and order them.

And that is kinda where I’m at, this is the last reach for help or I’m done. Feeling good is way important that the ups and downs I’ve had the last 5 weeks. I did have some good results on Sarms with no side affects, so maybe another run on them would be the go.
What do you recommend for pct?

I feel you.

Did you test before injecting? Your levels might be low and TRT might be the right thing for you.

Zeek described exactly what I would do.

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Yeah sweet, I didn’t realise you could actually do your own blood tests privately through an online portal. Will definitely get this done to see where I’m sitting.

No I didn’t, just run off advice from others and plenty of reading. I was on the path that it would be safer than Sarms as they still tend to sit in a grey area being considered research type drugs.

When I first started trt it took 6-7 weeks until I felt somewhat normal. You probably should have given it a little longer since technically it wasn’t enough time for your body to level out. Even at trt dosages if you go up or down even a small amount it will take about 6 weeks to feel normal. If I were you (and I’m not) I would go back to 500mg and stick it out a little longer and see how you feel. More importantly, get your blood tested and if it’s something like high estrogen (high in comparison to your test levels) then you could at least know what’s causing your issues and then have a plan to combat them.

uh, I meant did you blood test.

I do understand what your saying and will get some blood test done. I will be coming into week six and injected today (this morning) and I reckon half an hr later I started feeling really light and sort of spaced out, no anxiety so far but that normally strikes later in the day. It just starts to wear thin feel shit. Hopefully blood tests will shed some light to what’s going on.

No tests before hand. But Im healthy with good sense of well-being and no reason to suspect that I had low test I guess, but anything’s possible.

The reason you test before is to get a baseline.
Suppose after your cycle and pct you feel off and get blood test and your test is low. But you have nothing to comapre it to.

Make sense?