First Cycle Help

Hello all, I’m 6’3 208lbs with about 15-17 bf% and thinking about going on my first cycle. Ive been doing a lot of research over the past week and thinking about doing. the following: Testosterone-Enanthate 500 mg per week (Weeks 1-12), Dbol 20-25mg ever day (Week 1-6) and I need help with the adex dosage, I was thinking .25mg every day to help with gyno. I also need help with my PCT. After waiting 3 weeks I’m thinking about starting nolvadex 40mg ed for the first 2 weeks and 20mg ed for the last week. Would this be good or do I need to up or lower the dosages in any of these or take them at different times? Also I am curious about HCG to combat atrophy testes would I need to incorporate this into my cycle and if so, when? Any help would be greatly apprecitated.

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Made some changes in cycle.
Week 1- 10mg dbol
Week 2- 20mg dbol
Week 3- 20mg dbol, 250mg sustanon 250
Week 4- 30mg dbol, 250mg sustanon 250
Week 5- 250mg sustanon
Week 6- 250mg sustanon
Week7- 250mg sustanon
Week 8- 250 mg sustanon
Week 9- 250mg sustanon
Week 10- 250mg sustanon
Week 11 & 12 & 13 Gap bfr pct
Week 14, 15 & 16- 40mg 20mg 20mg nolva respectively.
This is my first cycle and i am concerned about my pct and testicle shrinkage.If i ll go with this cycle will that be ok to avoid testicle shrinkage afterwards or shall i take 10mg tomaxofin citrate ED in between the cycle?