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First Cycle Help

**This is my planned first cycle what do you think ? **

Week 1/3 500mg per week
Week 4 750mg
Week 5/6 500mg
Week 250mg.

Week 1 20mg per day
Week 2/3 30 mg per day
Week 4 40mg per day
Week 5/6 30 mg per day

And I have NOLVADEX and PROVIRON when are the best times to add these to my cycle ? Thanks.

There is no need for the change in testosterone dose during week 4 and on the last week. Just shot 500mg every week. Since enanthate has a long half life (10 days), you might want to do a 10 week cycle. Dianabol usage usally not recomended for more than 4 weeks, because of liver toxicity, so you will need some liver protector (NAC, TUDCA, LIV 52…). Also for first cycle 500mg of test is enough, no need for second compound, if you do use it, you shouldn’t go higher than 20mg. I don’t see the usage of an aromatise inhibitor, for these doses you will need around 25mg ED of aromasin or Arimidex 0.25mg ED. After blood test you can correct the dosage.

I don’t see why would you use proviron, it stacks well with cutting sterods like winstrol or anavar, but it’s not necessary for first cycle. Nolvadex use should start after 1.5-2 weeks after stoping cycle at 20mg/day for 6 weeks. During PCT low dosage of AI use should continue until nolvadex is tapered complitely + 2 weeks to avoid estrogen rebound. Also recovery will be faster if you can get some HCG and use 200IU/2x a week during cycle.

Okay thanks I’ll just run the test for 10 week then. Will I need to take anything to stop the water retention while I am on the testosterone? Sorry if you have answered that already I just want to be sure

Yes, you need an AI to controll E2. Start with Aromasin 25mg ED or Arimidex 0.25mg ED, 2 weeks in do a bloodwork and make adjustments in doses according to E2 levels.