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First Cycle Help

Hello Gurus,

  Im looking to Cut and reduce body fat %. Im a 30 yr old Male 5ft 10inch 75-80kg in weight. I'm really not very sure about my Body fat%,im skinny fat. have been working out on and off for close to 12 odd years. Im an intermediate natural lifter who wants to grow up amd make some change.Im NOT looking to become big and put on Mass like the professionals, rather get all toned and ripped .. more like a swimmer or underwear model physique (My dream).

Im planning to do a Medium 8 week cycle of Test Prop (50mg/ED) with Anavar (50mg/ED). In the beginning i was actually Planning to go only with a single Oral compound to keep the side effects away ( Anavar 30-80mg 8 WK Pyramid cycle - 30/40/60/80/80/60/40/30 mg)
but then i opted to add Testosterone Propionate to the equation. So heres my final choice after a lot of draining research and choosing the right forum to gain knowledge and experience … here is my stack with PCT

WK 1-8 TEST PROP 50mg/ED
WK 3-10 Anavar 50mg/ED (alt to VAR - PRIMO 200 or WINNY or VAR + WINNY)
WK 3-8 HCG 250iu/E4D
WK 1-14 Finast/Proscar (for hair)

im planning to run ANAVAR in the 14 days gap before i begin my P.C.T (because of its low halflife -reason why i began VAR in the 3rd WK so that i can start PCT for both the drugs at same time)

After 14 days of my Final TEST PROP Shot

WK 11 - 14/15 Nolvadex 20mg (or generic brand) 40/40/20/20mg and an extra 15th WK of 10mg (if advised)


-Is my choice of stack (beginner) ok ?(honestly, im too scared of trying TREN, Dbol, mesteron etc etc because i feel inexperienced to counter the side effects or manage the necessary precautions (may be after i gain a lot more experience))

-Is my Doseage enough to get a basic change ? (like drop body fat by 2-3 % to look dry and cut? (with a careful diet with macros i.e))

-Is My Choice of P.C.T. good enough ? Im really nervous about AI’s like Arimidex … even clomid (read a few negative views on both)… even then im ok with trying out Aromasin if needed. Can some one please explain as to how i should add this to my Cycle if necessary ?

  • Im also worried about my hair - So, i was thinking of adding Finastride (Proscar) 1 pill/ED throughout the cycle to take care of the DHT (is it ok to add this in the cycle ?)

  • I also read about ‘Triptorelin’

  • And yes ofcos … DOCTARI’s PCT - do i have to do such a strong PCT for my desired cycle ??


Im planning to cycle twice an year… honestly, based on the results this cycle delivers.

Ive had my amateur dumbass experiences under wrong guidance with Deca, test & stan. Single shots here and there… Luckily i didnt experience any severe crash or side effects. I didn’t see any gains either (just a little strength gain)… it was really a stupid move.
But now ive done a lot of research and ive realized that this forum honestly has a lot of dedicated bodybuilders who give a lot of great advice.
Im looking to tighten up, dry up at the same time develop a athletic swimmer kind of a body.
Ive planned out on a diet and workout schedule.

Please do Help me out. Im here to learn and also share my experience. Thanks in Advance

P.S. - MOST OF MY REFERENCE is from this guy MR. FEDYA NASOSOVICH (after a lot of reading and finding) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx18uUf2aUg5rUidlUIaY1Q ( like the way he explains things. Seems to possess some really accurate knowledge )please do check him out and let me know (IM NOT ADVERTISING THIS PERSON - IM A FAN, THATS ALL)

Run the var from the beginning and start your PCT 3 days after your last pin of prop. For such a low dose of test you probably won’t need an AI but I’d still avise using one. It’s up to you.

Drop the proscar, your test dose is too low to harm your hairline and it can have some nasty sides of its own.

Sort your diet out.

Agreed, drop the proscar first. Then, I’ve noticed a crap quality of var recently amongst underground labs and my clients have been running upwards of 80mg to get desired effect. The gains I believe you are looking for at a beginners cycle level would come from using winstrol at 50mg/day. Keep HCG at 500iu once per week shot sub-q. If you don’t miss HCG shots you shouldn’t need any during PCT but I found 1000iu EOD for 3 shots to be very effective at being 100% sure your nuts are turned back on. You’d then start Clomid/Toremifene combo (Toremifene is far superior to nolva) 100mg/day for 7 days of Clomid, 120mg a day for 7 days of Toremifene. Then, 50mgs and 60mgs respectively for 3 weeks.

Also, I’d keep an anti-e on hand (beginners should be taught this always) personally I prefer aromasin. You should take this if you end up being estrogen sensitive and the prop raises your estrogen too high or while doing the HCG. Aromasin comes as 25mg pills, start with 12.5mg for estrogen side control

No offense but I don’t think you need gear for a ‘swimmers body’.

You definitely don’t need gear for that. You need more cardio and sit-ups. And an unsustainably restrictive diet, if you don’t have that body type naturally.

And if you’re “skinny fat” you’ll probably need to lose more than 2-3% bf for that swimmers body.

Thank you For the replies one n all… I truly appreciate all your advice!!!