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First cycle help

Hey guys…I’m 25 and 5’10" weighing 155 (I’m a runner/triathlete). I was thinking of doing a cycle after an upcoming marathon to put on some mass. I have access to testosterone and a few other substances (MD office), and was wondering what you would suggest.

I think you should try eating more, running less, and training smart and NOT BE SO FREAKING STUPID.

I think that you should figure out what it is that you are after. If you are into marathons, that’s great but not if you are into the idea of holding on to any sort of mass. The two just won’t work together (luckily too, a 200lb BB/Marathoner’s knees wouldn’t hold up long!)
Cutting down on your distance running and upping your calories will go a long way in upping your mass.

Oh, and feel free to send me whatever you have available at P.O. Box…

Ah, yes…thank you for those words of wisdom. While I’m trying to “quit being so freaking stupid”, could anyone answer my original post? Thank you.