First Cycle Help

I want to start off by saying I have read many many forums from multiple websites and can not find my answer. Hoping some veterans can help me out. We are grown men here so no need for the childish responses.

My stats: 5’11 180 6% BF Training 10 years, 28 years old. Here is what I want to do: This is a six week cycle…
-One 50mg capsule oral winny a day.
-2 pills a day of Super Freak Pro Anabloic (supplement facts attached)
-3 pills a day of Rebuilt MCT w/ Arimistane (supplement facts attached).
-2 pills a day of Liver Gear.
-Preworkout: One scoop of GAT prior to workout. Train 5 days a week.
-I will be eating very healthy. Also will be taking in 1gram of protein per lb of body weight.

Really hoping for some good feed back on this. Any ideas of how this would play out? If not, please give detailed reasons why. Two of my main concerns are stacking the Winny and the Super Freak together. I know this will be harsh on my liver, but will it be too much? Also If the Rebuilt MCT is a good enough PCT and how long for a PCT.

Only looking for helpful responses on why or why not to do this 6 weeks cycle. Thank guys for the help and I appreciate you taking the time to review this matter for me.

Never done anything like this so I wouldnt be able to help you on this one. from what it looks like, you may gain som lean mass and end up with a more dry physique depending on diet and water intake. PCT should be fine as it is, any problems get some good stuff like clomid and nolva but i highly doubt youd need it at all. Keep posted with results! Never used these products would be good to see what happens!