First Cycle Help

Do you rub the area to prevent bruising or anything like that?

[quote]Batman00 wrote:
Do you rub the area to prevent bruising or anything like that? [/quote]

I would always inject, leave the needle in for like 10-15 seconds. Then massage it for a bit.

I just want to let you guys know my first cycle went well, I am in my PCT phase now. I competed 9 weeks into my cycle and my lifts went up across the board. Body weight at the comp was 211 fully clothed (did not feel like cutting weight) my lifts were 585/430/600.

Thank you guys for the advice and a successful cycle. I am currently planning my second cycle let me know what you guys think:
weeks 1-4 Dbol 50mg ED
weeks 1-12 Test Cyp 750mg per week
weeks 1-start of PCT .5-.6 mg Adex EOD
14 days after last pin 50 mg Nolva per day for one week followed by 2 weeks of 50 mg EOD

Also I got acne pretty bad during my first cycle. I have always been prone to acne and commonly have a few spots on shoulders/face but it got much worse while on. Do you guys have any suggestions for next cycle to help control that?

Thank you,

You should probably start a new thread for the next cycle but a few things right off the bat:

  1. Once you complete PCT you need to give your body time to recover before next cycle
  2. I would do another injectable instead of oral for the second cycle, but that’s just me I’ve always preferred to pin rather than to take a pill. Personally I recommend 16 week cycle of Test and EQ totaling about a gram a week, should put on some significant weight as long as you’re eating enough (you seem to have that shit on lock) and your lifts will go through the roof.

dam bro what beast. masive gains i hope i get similar benefits haha.