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First Cycle Help


Hello, I am prepping for my first cycle ever, and I want some feedback on what I have been told to do.

First some stats:
I am 26, 6-3 tall, 240, I was 280 a year ago, started to eat better and dropped 20 lbs, started to excercise better and got to 240, typical day: 7am yogurt and fruit, 10 am nutrient bar, 12pm turkey or chicken sandwich, 3pm fruit or turkey jerky, 6pm meat and potatoes with salad, 10 pm vegetables with low fat dip.

I do renovation work so I already burn a good amount of calories per day. I have been running 3-4 days a week plus play hockey 2 hours a week. I have had multiple surgeries on my shoulders and have generally bad joints (elbows and knees in particular). I plan on getting down to 220 by July before starting the following:

Week 1-14 400mg deca
week 1-16 600mg test

My friend has suggested this based on deca helping with joints and test to counteract "deca dick". Please tell me what you think.


dopamine agonist counters "deca dick"

you will need an AI

you will need PCT

and your diet sucks and im guessing your training does as well. best of luck!




Don't bother with deca for a first cycle. If you absolutely must then run NPP and drop it two weeks before pct.


Work on a better diet and plan a better cycle. Come back and try again.