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First Cycle Help

No cycle history, 25yo, been training since my teens, lifts are about bp: ~250 s: ~400 dl:~450
I could really use some advice/help with my first cycle, thanks guys! My goal is to put on lbm and maybe drop a few bf% points

Week 1-8: testprop 150mg eod
Week 1-14: Aromasin 12.5 mg/day
Week 10-14: Clomid 50mg/day


Why are you waiting 2 weeks for the prop ester to clear before starting PCT?

That is my only real comment. About a week, maybe, for prop? I’m not sure. Not 2 weeks though.

The AI may not be needed, its your first cycle, you may be prone to estrogen sides you may not. I would kkep it on hand and use if necessary, also good to have some nolva on hand as well.