First Cycle. Help!

Hello everyone. I have been bodybuilding for the last 6 years. I am 24 right now. I have been natural all my life and now i am thinking i should go on steroids. To be honest i am still confused but now i am thinking what the heck. Some good advice will be appreciated.
The cycle i am thinking to go on is 350 mg/week of testosterone propionate and 350 mg/week of primobolan.
Thank you.

for a first cycle most ppl just do test only. u didnt say anything about cycle length ancillaries or pct. do a little more reasearch
i assume u havent really done much propinate and a long ester like that in primobolan dont really go together to well ur thighs will be pincushions lol also looks like u could do a little more naturally. u posted a pic but didnt give stats

what are your stats lookin like?