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First Cycle, Help~~


Hey Guys,

I am thinking about stacking T13 and Epimint. (13-ethyl and Epistane)

I am 24 yrs old and this is my first cycle.

6'2 and weigh 196 pounds.

I am looking to get alot of size yet lose fat at the same time. I am pretty thin with some muscle and have a good pinch of fat around my abs that I hope this will get rid of.

I would be taking the cycle, 300 grams of protein a day, Somewhere around 200g Carbs, creatine ethyl ester, liver support, multi-vitamin, and fish oils.

I'm not sure about what type of post cycle I will be getting yet but I am going to be taking one.

Am I missing anything I should be taking on the cycle? Also do you guys recommend any other cycles?



Don't use that unproven shit...get real stuff and get plenty of needles.


Do you have any recommendations on what to take? I want to get big and lean. Should I bulk then cut?

Also this is my first cycle. So would it be too much to jump straight into needles?



I wouldn't jump into needles. That was in a Saw movie and looked like it hurt.
Just read the stickies instead then comeback.



Lol I'm sorry I'm new here. What do you mean read the stickies?




Start at the top of thia forum and read downwards.
Lots of info here as most questions have already been asked and answered.


Yes you should use injectables in every cycle.

If I were you, I would bulk and then cut.

I would use test prop 70-100mg ED (every day) for 8 weeks with 50mg Dbol ED for either the first 4 weeks or the last 4 weeks to bridge into pct.

Use adex .25mg-.5mg Eod (every other day) with pct of Nolva 40/40/20/20 starting 3 days after your last shot.


wow, have you just come for living under a rock. are you serious. get the real stuff.

dude, Epistane is one of the most proven and potent oral steroid ever made. the days of "all supplements are crap" is long over. I suppose that superdrol is also unproven huh? you really need to get with the current scene.

I have known guys, myself included that have gained massive amounts of size with epistane. its one of the most effective and least toxic hormones around. "unproven" bhahahaah, get with the real stuff, lol bhaahhaaha.


Have you ever tried plentyoffish? I hear it really packs on the pounds.