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First Cycle Help!


I got some questions on a oral only first cycle. Yes I know injectables are the BEST option, but for one thing I HATE needles and wanted to try an oral only cycle first to see if I can get the gains I am looking for. Couple things, I am 6'1 210 lbs, 25 years old and have been lifting for 5 years now. I have my diet down, am over maintenance calories, 4000 a day. Max bench 220, deadlift 250, squat 225. Looking for something to break my strength gains and put on some quality mass. Cycle

Dianabol 50 mg/ day
6 weeks
Nolvadex pct weeks 7-10 40/40/20/20mg.

The problem I am running into is stacking the dianabol with something, primabolan and anavar are very very expensive for the amount of MG you have to run a day with those. I was also looking at Oral Turanabol but that seemed pretty pointless to stack with Dianabol. Any suggestions on what I could stack with Dianabol or would a dianabol only cycle be sufficient for 10-15 lbs of mass in 6 weeks? Thanks guys!


I personally don't think there's anything wrong with trying oral only cycles. But to stack two together is always asking for trouble in my book. And don't expect anything amazing. You might get a 10% strength increase, but you are going to piss those gains away after PCT. There are some very good reasons why everyone reccommends injectibles over orals. I'll give you a breakdown.

1)Safety. Your liver is perfectly safe with injectibles. The risks of orals are overstated somewhat, but for a minority are still there.

2)Nothing builds mass like test. This one should swing it for you if you are on the fence. You will get far superior gains with testosterone, and gains that will stick around if you do it right. Plus the psychological benefits of testosterone are unrivalled. You'll never understand this until you try it, but NOTHING else comes close. It lifts your mood, focus and drive.

3)Needles are not that bad. I can't say I was a fan before, but you get used to it. Sometimes it can be a bit of a chore, but once you get the hang of it, it's painless and you wonder why you worried about it. Plus if you aren't a dirty bastard and learn proper injection technique and hygiene, the risk of an abcess is TINY. The biggest risk is the source of the gear you use.

4)All the best steroids are injectibles

To be honest though, I would leave the gear alone. There is something very wrong with your training with the lifts you have after 5 years. No offence but you are pretty weak.


Thanks for the insight, Ill have to think long and hard about needles lol, but it would be worth it. I have been researching for months, but I am still a newbie and am still learning on injectables, etc. Ive taken a few pro hormones before, 19 nor, androdrol, and strength gains were crazy, put on a little bit of mass. But looking to take the next step.