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First Cycle Help


I want to run my first cycle and want my cycle to consist of only test enanthate. I have questions on if i should run a 10 week or 12 week cycle and if 500 mgs/week is enough. I am 22 years, 6'2", 210 lbs, and about 6% body fat. I have been lifting for over 5 years. I have done some research and talked to many serious powerlifters that have used testosterone and have received good advice, however the advice is different from person to person. I'd greatly appreciate any advice on how much test e i should take per week and advice on how i should go about my pct. Thank you.


Read the stickies. Post some pics, I wanna see your physique!


I'm sorry I do not have any pictures to post nor do I think it is necessary in exchange for advice. I listed my height and weight, I've been seriously training for close to 5 years and am very familiar with powerlifing. I am currently running 5/3/1 and want to use the test enanthate in order to bulk up as best I can. If anyone could give me some actual advice I would appreciate it.




The beginner sticky outlines a 12 week cycle.

Id recommend 8 weeks frontloaded.

Nothing you asked really requires personal info. Its all found in previous posts. Thousands of people here have run a test only cycle


No homo! :smiley:

I just wanted to see the 6% fat on a powerlifter :slight_smile: