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First Cycle Help


I am about to go on my first cycle and i need help deciding what it should be. I plan to take orals only. It will most likely include dbol or tren. I was wondering if either should be stacked or if its ok to take it solo. I am aware that injectables are better than orals. Also what dosages should be taken


I’m not aware tren comes in oral form lol, sth new eh.

Research the stickies at the top, compounds you plan on using, design your PCT and repost it again and ppl will help you look it through; don’t come and expect to be spoonfed. Dbol’s toxic to the liver and it’d do you good to take liver support, average doses range from 25-50mgs though ppl do play with higher dosages.

Now, go do your homework and repost. Sorry comrade tough love.


Thanks. And I looked up the info on the tren, and it’s advertised as a prohormone. It’s called trenbolone or something, some of my buddies took it and they said they got solid gains.


What is your reasoning behind an oral only cycle? There are literally hundreds of pages worth of material on this forum about why such a cycle is doomed to failure…however in the interest you may have a valid reason for ignoring injectables…please elucidate us.

Also, stats?


I know it sounds stupid but, I’m fuvkin scared of needles,


Bf - 12%
bench -235
Deadlift -325
Squat - 275


A lot of people are scared of needles…I myself used to be terrified/pass out when getting blood drawn. I still don’t LIKE them, but I am much more comfortable with them. IMO, that is a suckass reason, man. Orals only will mean that your liver is gonna get hit hard if you run for a long length of time and also that you won’t keep your gains when you’re off.

I suggest you wait until you’re ready and want it badly enough that the idea of injectables doesn’t scare you (completely) away. From your stats it looks liike you have plenty of natural strength gains left to attain so AAS isn’t a must have. Having said that, obviously you want to pack on size and strength in a shorter amount of time then would be possible naturally. Which brings us back to injetables… :wink:


How old are you little guy?

And for the love of god, Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid. It IS NOT a prohormone. The shit you are thinking of taking is a progestin with a poor pro/con ratio. The supplement company gave it the same name as the strongest AAS to attract undereducated users such as yourself.

There are plenty of better oral cycles to consider for needle phobes. Try doing some research. Before you ask, coming on to a forum and asking random questions is not considered research.


Yeah, Its not like I won’t use injectables if it’s really better. It’s just that I’ve trained right and dieted right, an I haven’t progressed that much in the last 10-14 months. Oh and btw I’m 19, my pictures are from when I was 17.


[quote]playeri10 wrote:
Yeah, Its not like I won’t use injectables if it’s really better. It’s just that I’ve trained right and dieted right, an I haven’t progressed that much in the last 10-14 months. Oh and btw I’m 19, my pictures are from when I was 17.[/quote]

If you haven’t progressed in over a year you don’t know what you are doing in the kitchen or in the gym or possibly both.

If you don’t know what to do in the kitchen or in the gym you probably won’t be a pro bodybuilder.

If you aren’t going to be a pro bodybuilder you should not be using anabolic steroids before your endocrine system has stabilized.

It’s time to stop posting in the steroid forum (keep reading if you like for knowledge to use in the future) and head over to the Nutrition forum and BB forum and possibly the beginner forum if you are that far off.


I don’t plan to go pro, neither do most steroid users. I’m just here to get some advices and questions answered, not because I think I’m hot shit and plan to be some pro bodybuilder


If you’re not looking to be a pro bb there’s nothing wrong with that, but you shouldn’t be using AAS at your age. If you aren’t progressing you need to make sure you’re a) putting in the intensity in the gym, b) following a solid lifting regimen that complements your goals, c)eating enough cals and protein to ensure growth.

You’re test levels are already going to be high because of your age. If that’s you in your avatar then you have a decent base to build upon. Use the next 2-3 years to build that base up and dial everything in so that when you’re ready for your first cycle you have all the boxes checked.

Don’t be stupid and play with AAS before you’re endocrine system has had it’s chance.


I think it is reasonable that Bonez assumed you wanted to turn pro - as there is fuck all other reason why it is a good idea to use AAS at your age.

Take it from someone who knows - also - i seriously recommend you lose the PH’s too… they are NOT fucking worth it. No safer than AAS, less effective and a shit load more expensive!