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First Cycle, Help with PCT

18 Y/O
20% bf
4 year training experience
Hello everyone, I recently started a cycle of test prop at 150 mg eod and boldenone propionate at 100 mg eod. I did 4 pins and cut my cycle short due to worries of future dangers and complications. I know I’ve made a HUGE mistake and I’m just trying to fix it as best I can, I’ve pinned 7 days ago and had blood work done yesterday, here’s what the bloods showed:
LH <0.10 |IU/l|1.70 - 8.60|
FSH 0.13 |IU/l|1.50 - 12.40|
Estradiol |405.50 |pmol/l|28.00 - 156.00|
Testosterone >52.00 |nmol/l|9.90 - 27.80|

When I saw my estrogen levels I almost passed out since I was told I wouldn’t aromatise so fast and to take my AI into week 2, I had 1mg of anastrozole 3 days ago and 1mg today, I have a couple of questions: Why is my testosterone so high if I was injecting myself with test prop and even after 7 days my test levels were doubled? Do I do a PCT now or a couple of days later or do I skip PCT and let my body recover naturally? I’m extremly regretful of my actions and I’m worried to the point where I can’t sleep(probably high estrogen playing with my emotions)and I only humbly ask for someone to help me with my PCT timing or give me an opinion on weather or not I should skip PCT. I have access to aromasin, anastrozole, clomid, nolva and HCG. Please give me advice guys as I’m worried about permanent damage to my endocrine system.

I have a few questions. Before I ask them I will answer your question though: run your PCT now.


Q: who told you not to take your AI until week two when running two short ester aromitising compounds?

Q: why in the world would you run bold prop? Did you do even a shred of research before you decided to inject that sh*t into yourself? Almost every review of bold prop is some form of “I stopped at one week because it made me so sick”.

I was told to not run the AI until week 2 by the guy I bought the gear from, and I know that was a stupid mistake and what infuriates me more is that I knew better but I listened to him anyway.
I chose bold prop because I thought it suited my cycle and I know people who bought bold prop from my source had no problems and great gains with it but I’m not sure if it’s real bold prop or some sort of test.
I’m wondering why is my test still elevated even 7 days after last pin even tho it’s propionate(not sure what it really is) and I wonder if I really should run a PCT after just 5 pins because I’m worried about exposing my HPTA to any more drugs and I feel so stupid for even touching steroids even though I knew the risks I probably wont ever do gear again, atleast not until 25.
I also want to ask if it’s normal during a cycle to wake up at night with a racing heart and have hot flashes at night?

First and foremost I’ll say this: you made some mistakes, you’re owning them, and you’re learning from them. So that’s a pretty good attitude to have. It’s worth giving you credit for that.

Your test levels shouldn’t be that elevated a week after your last pin, but who knows if it was actually prop and not cyp. Even if it was cyp that still seems high. I can’t answer that question. I wish I could.

Regarding the hot flashes and racing heart I’d say that’s not unusual for someone with such an insanely high e2. That should subside when you get your e2 under control.

Run your pct and then get blood work done. Don’t overdo the pct, either. I’ve seen some guys post HUGE dosages for very ordinary cycles lately. You don’t need 100mg Clomid and 40mg Nolva ED. Read the stickies on here and trust the vets who have put a lot of time and effort into writing up all that information. You really should be fine.

You have no business running gear right now. 205lbs and 20% bf. Seems like you need to get your diet and training under control before you try anything else.

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Of course, I completely agree with you and I will not touch gear until I’m ATLEAST 23, I’ll just utilize my natural potential to the fullest and then turn to enchancement, I’m just looking for advice on how to recover properly so I won’t suffer any low T after I’m done.

Just run your pct and then get back to training and dieting for your goals. Learn and move on. That’s your best bet.

Thing is: I still have some test in my system so wouldn’t it be better to wait out 2-3 days THEN run PCT and wouldn’t it be better to skip PCT at all cause I’m scared of PCT drugs altering my development.

You pinned prop eight days ago. You should be ready to go. If you want to wait a few more days I’m sure it wouldn’t be the end of the world. And it’s a little late to be scared of drugs altering your hormones.