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First Cycle, Help with Estrogen Control

Hi guys, I’m 19 6ft 2 weighing 235lbs leanish and started my first cycle! I ran dbol 40mg ed 1-6weeks and 1-16weeks of test e at 1ml (300mg) every mon and Thurs, I didn’t want to us an AI unless I had to but coming up to 12weeks feeling watery and puffy nips (sore) gyno like. I’ve got anastarzole ready, what do you peeps think? Dose and days?

Well you made it this far without it and the dbol is over so maybe just a little AI. You could try .5mg anastrozole with each injection.

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Why not use tamoxifen at 20mg a day with your cycle until the lumps go away. You likely don’t need arimidex on that low of a dose

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Thanks man, I’ll give that a try! Appreciate the help first time, also wondering whether I’d need to pct if I’m going back on 10ish weeks later? It’s a lot of stress

You should take at least the same time off that you are on and perform a PCT

You are running a 16 week cycle. Do your four week pct. 16 weeks after that you can start again. You’re 19, do not destroy your endocrine system by rushing into things too quickly.

Okay thanks for the advice man, I was thinking of blasting and cruising? I’m competing in bodybuilding but need to get a lot bigger what are your thoughts guys?

Blast and cruise is often a lifetime commitment, man. I’m not going to talk you out of your dreams. But there will come a day when you will want to have a family. We are hardwired to procreate and create small versions of ourselves. At 19 I didn’t want kids. Hell, at 25 I didn’t want kids. I’m on TRT and even at age 35 I wonder if I’ll be able to be a father again, and the idea not being able to makes me pretty bummed.

If your dream is to be a bodybuilder then go after it. But I would advise doing it as safely and as meticulously as possible and try to keep as many doors open as you can. You never know what you’ll want a decade from now, so don’t do anything to narrow your options. If you’re set on using gear then you can do it without turning it into a blast and cruise lifestyle. Run cycles two times a year (or three if the timing is feasible) and see what your results are. If you end up being 25 and still unhappy with your results then you can make a choice then.

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