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First Cycle Help, Test Prop and Deca


I plan on starting my first cycle soon and would just like some help and input on my cycle.

Im going to run 10 weeks of test prop at 500 a week poking EOD, and 8 weeks of deca at 300 a week.

For PCT, I plan on doing the test taper. So with the shorter esters in prop i would do:

Week 1-4 at 100mg per week, and im not sure with the taper down. Should I run 6 weeks of taper at 80/60/50/40/30/20 or could i shorten it to 4 weeks of taper and chuck in some nolva to help? Im pretty sure I want to use nolva when i start tapering either way just not too sure of the dose.

Hopefully i didnt forget anything, thanks for any help in advance.


Drop the Deca, Run Test E\C at 500mg\week for 12weeks.


I already bought the gear bro, I know its my first cycle but it's still pretty basic, thanks for the input tho.


Usually people run Deca for at least 12 weeks due to the long build up time of the ester. There wouldn't be any harm running Deca for 8 weeks, but it probably isn't worth it.

No mention of estrogen control. Things may get messy and it's best to be prepared.

Can you give us some stats?


That is "web'knowledge" pure and simple Bone. Nothing more or less..

I have used deca with great results over 6 weeks more than once (14lbs isnt bad for this drug, alone, for a short term cycle) and with better results over 8.

It is perfectly correct to expect better results from 10 weeks than 6.. but to say 8 weeks of deca 'probably isnt worth it' is severely lacking.



Seeing as you already have the gear..

Testosterone and nandrolone is a great match for a size stack.
The esters you have chosen are not the greatest match, but it wont make a difference to the end result.

I like it overall. I would use letrozole/arimidex DURING the cycle, as you DO need some estrogen control as bone mentioned.. i PERSONALLY would choose letro as it is suggested it has some anti prog effects.. but for a newb it would be alot easier and simpler to use arimidex (0.25mg EOD-ED), and TBH it is an unlucky day in bodybuilding when a man finds deca an intolerable drug as far as gyno is concerned (but it has been known.. prolly fake mind you)

Seeing as you are using a stasis taper there is no need to stop the deca 2 weeks before the cycle end.. both finishing at the 10 week mark is fine as you'll have 4 weeks (preferably 6 with the Decanoate ester) for hormone levels to normalise.

As for your taper - again, i can only say what i would do in your shoes knowing what i do.
That would be to use the nolva as you start the taper, tapering off the adex during the stasis, and beginning the nolva to catch the remaining estrogens..
I'd taper the test (injecting daily of course) simply - 80/60/40/20.. and continue the nolva for a week or two thereafter.

For an alternative opinion it may be of interest to you to know that i actually wouldn't use the stasis taper at all for a first cycle, and would definitely use a little caber and HCG also.. but that is a different post.



Fair enough, your experience trumps mine. Personally I don't 'feel' enanthate until 5 weeks in so I don't think I could get away with running a longer ester for a relatively short amount of time (8 weeks) and expect worthwile results. To each his own I guess. Since it's a first cycle it's hard to say how long it will take for the long esters to kick in for the OP. But I guess the only way to find out is to try it out.


Well, I agree that the longer the better (upto 10-12 weeks for the esters we are talking about i'd guess-timate) but i have also done a cycle of Cypionate which got me great gains (around 20lbs IIRC) over only 7 weeks.. and i only start getting the best gains from week 5, but i see little from week 8 onwards too (strangely strength comes around Wk8-9).

I could not possibly say that all drugs affect all men the same.. but i do hold faith in the efficacy of the mid/long esters in mid length cycles.

On the other hand - what would be the point of enduring the ridiculous shutdown of deca when only using it for 6 weeks? I think there is point personally, but it is a valid argument IMO.



Thanks for all the input fellas its greatly appreciated.

So I'm thinking I should revise my cycle a bit and definitly pick up some Armidex (and run it from start to finish at .25 EOD?)

Also I'm 24 5'8 180lbs and have been lifting seriously for about 4 years.

So I'm thinking run the test prop for 10 weeks still and run the deca also for 10 weeks. Am I only able to run the deca for 10 weeks if I do the statis taper? Brook you also mentioned possibly not using the taper at all for the first cycle, what would you suggest for my first PCT? Just the traditional Nolva route?

I dont want to sound like a bitch, but im just worried about complete shutdown then haveing to build my natural test levels back up and feeling like shit for a while. I have a couple friends who were morons and did cycles without PCT (obviously stupid move)and they told me they were depressed and it took them months to get back to normal and they didnt want to do anything and just sooked all day about how bad they felt, and I definitly dont want to end up like that.

Also the 5 to 3 ratio is a perfect ratio to run correct?

Thanks again for all the help fellas I'm trying to soak up all the info I can and make sure I understand everything before I start.



how about 8-10wks deca with 10-12wks (respectively) Test Prop ran with a lil HCG throughout the cycle (from 2 weeks in) at just 250iuEOD or 100iuED.

Caber @ 0.5mgE3D throughout

followed by the final 2 weeks of Test dosage being halved from 500mg/wk to 250mg/wk,
then a 40/40/20/20 nolva dosage.

The hcg and caber is run right upto the end of the last 250mg T'rone week.

The nolva is run alone after tapering from the adex which should have been minimal as the dosage was tiny..

The reason is, and please understand this isnt "common knowledge" like the stasis taper, but i believe that our ability to recover from the first couple of cycles (even including deca) doesnt warrant the stasis taper and being 'on' for a potentially very long time(20+wks), whether natty endocrine levels are being mimic'd or not.

I think it is an excellent base for PCT for the more advanced user who might have a little more trouble recovering - or an extended version may be great for someone coming off many many months or years of use.




Thanks again Brook for the great advise. I was actutally able to pick up some Enth tonight so im gonna drop the prop and replace it with the enth.

So im gonna run weeks 1-12 at 500 a week, pinning twice a week 250 on Monday and again on Thursday. Run the deca from week 1-10 at 300 a week, and also arimidex at .25 EOD.

I'm not too sure the best route for PCT yet with the longer esters in the enth, maybe just wait 2 weeks after the last shot and do the traditional nolva route? I would really appreciate your opinion on this as I'm not 100 percent sure which route to go.

Also what's the best way in your opinion to go about the deca shots?

Sorry for the 21 questions here man lol but I was also wondering around what price range I should be paying for armidex, and does it eliminate facial bloat also?

Thanks in advance for any help.


well.. IMO the HCG and Caber is necessary if you are going to do a short and less "intensive" PCT as with the Nolva 40-20 PCT.

BUT i have recovered fine in the past from the early cycles (Deca) with minimal Nolvadex PCT.. but horses for courses.

I will let someone else RECOMMEND a PCT for you, as i truly have trouble recommending the stasis as such a newbie level (you, not me), and i know many have more faith than i do..

As for waiting between a traditional PCT and the last shot.. good idea. It is necessary in THAT SITUATION to do so. How about using the prop you bought to kickstart the test enanth/deca.. if you send it to me i will show you exactly how that might work in a real life setting.

Arimidex is very costly when bought as its brand name pharmaceutical drug - but baby, we are in the black market now! Fakes galore!

Find a good research chemical (google) site and order one of the liquid versions for research purposes.
And yea.. it will help with moon face.. albeit minimally if you are anything like myself! A BLOATER!

Good luck chuck!


Thanks again man, I have a huge problem tho I cant seem to get my hands on Arimidex, i searched google and im kinda worried about which stuff is acutally legit, A fellow member on this site showed me a great and respecable site to purchase it but unfortunitly I'm in canada and they say they dont ship to canada.

Can someone help me out here and send me a PM of a respectable site that will ship to Canada as I wont start this cycle without it, thanks in advance for any help.