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First Cycle Help - Test E, Tbol

I’m starting a cycle for a first time and I kinda built one up on my own I plan to run
Week 1 : Test-E 125mg
Week 2: Test E 250mg
Week 3: Test E 375mg
Week 4-10: Test E 500mg + Tbol 50mg Daily + arimidex 1mg Daily
Week 11: Test E 375mg +Tbol 50mg Daily+ arimidex 1mg Daily
Week 12: Test E 250mg + Tbol 50mg Daily + arimidex 1mg Daily

Week 13-14: Cleanse or Hcg?

Week 15-16 : Nova + Clomid

Any thoughts suggestions? Does it look decent ?need some feedback

No. Try:
Week 1-12 Test E 500mg
Week 13-15 HCG EOD
Week 16-20 Nolva PCT

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What if I wanted to run Tbol and an Ai during my cycle?

You will absolutely CRUSH your E2 with that much AI. You’ll feel like absolute shit. They’d about 28x the weekly amount you could possibly need, although likely you could not even need AI at all.

That’s the dose I was prescribed as a kid. Granted my androgen concentration wasn’t comparable to 350mg test weekly

Can advocate for the fact that over time it induced quote a few problems (injuries, bone pain, osteopenia within certain subsections of my spine etc)

So If I ran the ai just start with .25 every three days and go up from that?