First Cycle- Help Please

Hey guys new to this forum and need your help.

Been training now for 3 and a half years.

6" tall
180 lbs
11% bf

Eat 6 good solid meals a day.400g carbs 220g protein.
Train 6 days a week, heavy training.Roughly 9 hours sleep per night.

first cycle was considering 500mg test e per week with 400mg equipoise per week for 12 weeks. Nova for PCT 40/40/20

Anyone any thoughts on this cycle.Jus keep test as its my first cycle or add the equipoise.Also if the dosages are correct. Would like to add some quality muscle.

Thanks guys.

For your first cycle I would stick with just the test 500mg/week and see how you react to it. I would suggest that you increase your protein intake to at least 1.5 grams per pound of body weight. Personally I aim for a 2-1 ration when on.
As far as your PCT I would suggest you look into a test taper. However, if you do a conventional PCT I would extend the nolv another week or two at 20/10mg.

Also you could add in some aromasin to help. The proper way to do PCT is explained in depth during the steroid newbie thread. Being that it is a mild cycle you would probably be fine with just nolv, but personally I prefer to taper off the test. My .02, others may disagree.

I’ve been researching around a bit and so far most people suggest a strait test E or test C cycle at 500-600 mg a week. The reason being, that you get an understand of how you react to that compound. Now there is lots of other opinions out there, but sticking to just test and keeping it simple seems like a wise choice IMO.

I’ve also read its not a bad idea to kick it off with some Dbol for the first 4 weeks since the test takes some time to kick in. Anyways for if I were you I’d do just strait test.

I also do not wish to micturate upon your conflagration, but at 180lbs and 6ft you can still blow up without TEH STEERROIDZ.

Better yet, push that protein up to 400 g/day. I like that 400 g carbs. Keep it. Make sure you take in at least 100 g fats. If you drop the carb levels lower, remember to up the fats.

You also left out your age which would bring up to many other point and you may or may not have received any help at all.
Like was already mentioned eat more.

Every time a rug is miterated upon in this fair city…

oopss sorry guys im 25 nxt month was considerin startin this cycle in the next 2 months. I could boost my calories up while on the test.I would start increasing them now for the nxt few months then start the cycle.

Will stick to jus the test e for 12 weeks. Jus to clarify while takin test e will i inject it twice a week 250mg(1ml) on a mon and same on thurs or take the whole lot at once. Jus worried about the pain espcially from stealth products.


[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Dave_ wrote:
I also do not wish to micturate upon your conflagration.

Haha, excellent![/quote]

I thought you’d like that. LOL.

6 foot 3, 210 pounds, 23 years old with 8-9% body fat, lifting for 7 years. The first 5 years or so I lifted to just to lift and maintain, but the past 2 years I have really been working out at full intensity and it has provided MUCH better results( was a skinny fat kid at 230 pounds before started lifting with intensity!

Diet is great now and this will be my second cycle, Did sustanon 250 for 8 weeks( Probably a bad choice but I was stupid and did not do enough research and rushed into it) However I got good gains and it decreased my 40 yard dash by a legit .2 seconds. But now I am looking to pack on some muscle. The gear I have on hand is Test Enanthate, Oral Winstrol, and some liquid Nolvadex.

Is this the correct way to run this cycle?

Week 1-10 Test enanthate 250mg twice a week
Week 6-10 Oral Winstrol 20mg daily

Stasis- week 11-16 50mg Test enanthate twice a week

Taper- week 16 80mg Test-e Nolva 40mg Everyday
Week 17 60mg Test-e Nolva 40mg Everyday
Week 18 50mg Test-e Nolva 20mg Everyday
Week 19 40mg Test-e Nolva 20mg Everyday
Week 20 30mg Test-e
Week 21 20mg Test-e

1 more question: If I am doing this for a baseball season that starts March 1st and last 3 months, When should I begin this cycle to get the most of out it?

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