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First Cycle help please?

Hi Guys, im looking for some advice here. Im about to start my first ever cycle in 2-3 weeks time. The gear I have available to me is Sustanon and anadrol. I was wondering if I should cycle both together or try a cycle of anadrol only? I have read on a few websites that first time users can expect quite good gains from running an anadrol only cycle.

as it is my first cycle I plan to be ultra carefull to find out how my body will react, so would prefer to do the anadrol only cycle. But, would I be wasting my time? should I run with the sustanone too?

Would really appreciate anyone’s advice on this.


Just Sustanon and Anadrol ONLY? Dude, you must be looking to star in Michelin commercials as the MICHELIN MAN! You will bloat up like a champion with all that androgen floating around in your system! Worst thing is, chances are you will lose EVERY POUND of your gains once you are finished.

Choose one, or the other. If you go with Anadrol, stack it with Fina/Tren. If you go with Sustanon, stack it with Winny.

I have always suggested using just TWO chemicals ONLY for newbies. Also, you are taking one oral and one injectable with the 2 samples I showed here. One drug will put strength and size on you, the other will help harden you up. Good luck.

don’t sus and andarol run well together thou?

If I was to run these two together, how would you cycle them? Iv asked a few people, and they have all given me different answers.

I would prefer to run the cycle for 4-8 weeks max, if possible?

Once again, thanks for any advive. much appreciated!

Well, it seems you have your mind set already. So here it goes:

Run the Anadrol for 4 weeks ONLY! The stuff is insanely strong. Take one tab a day (50mg) for the first 4 weeks of your cycle to give you that boost until your Sustanon kicks in. Most here will recommend running an oral no longer than 6 weeks typically. In this case for Anadrol, no longer than 4 weeks. Trust me.

As for your Sustanon, run 750mg per week for the first 4 weeks, then 500mg for the next 4 weeks and you are done. This in total with give you and 8 week cycle. I wouldn’t recommend doing a frontload in your first cycle. Get a few cycles under your belt and experiment with frontloading later on.

What scares me most is that you mentioned nothing about ancillaries. Clomid? Nolvadex? HCG? Will you be using any of these? Well I’ll tell you then… you MUST. Keep a ton of Nolvadex around to control the bloat from these 2 drugs. Your blood pressure will SKYROCKET otherwise. You will also need some for your PCT to take with your Clomid. You might want to consider Arimidex too.

Keep us posted. I’d like to see how this cycle turns out, during and AFTER you’re done. I still disagree using these 2 drugs alone… like I said, chances are, you won’t be keeping much of what you gain. Good luck.

MN, I don’t have my mind set on these 2.

They were 2 I had initialy been offered.

I have now also been able to get my hands on Deca.

Of the 3 available ie deca sus and drol, what would you suggest?

Im only trying to gather as much info as I can at this stage.

I will NOT start my cycle untill I am 100% certain of EVERYTHING I am doing, hence Im so grateful for anything you have to add.

So for a first cycle, any suggestions?

Thanks again.

If Deca, Sustanon, and Anadrol were the only chemicals available to me, I’d stack Deca with Sustanon.

  1. Run an 8 week cycle for both chemicals. Stop your Deca injections at the end of week 6. Deca has a longer half life than most of the Test esters found in the Sustanon. By stopping your Deca earlier, it should allow you to recover easier by allowing both drugs to diminish evenly from your system.

  2. Frontload your Deca at 1200mg for the first week. After your frontload, run your Deca at 600mg per week.

  3. Run 750mg of Sustanon per week for the full 8 week duration of your cycle.

  4. Begin PCT approximately 3 weeks after your last shot of Sustanon.

Essentially, it will look like this:

Week 1:
Deca - 1200mg/week
Sustanon - 750mg/week

Weeks 2 to 6:
Deca - 600mg/week
Sustanon - 750mg/week

Weeks 7 and 8:
Sustanon - 750mg/week

End of Week 10:
Begin PCT with Clomid and Nolvadex.

***Keep extra Nolvadex and/or Arimidex on hand during your cycle. Depending on your sensitivity to these chemicals, you may need to incorporate one of these DURING your cycle. Good luck.