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First Cycle Help Epistane and H-Drol?


First off, imma 100% noob and will admit it thus the reason why i am here.
With that being said lets get to the stats
Current Weight:250 (imma fatty)
Bench:315 (yes i have a weak bench)
Squat:405 (ass to grass)

My Goal:
Strength, increase density/hardness, lose some fat
but strength is number 1 STRENGTH STRENGTH STRENGTH

A brief history. i have been a wrestler since highschool and still wrestle here and there but since i graduated from college i have chosen to get in to strongman competitions to get my competitive juices out.
All i want is strength i dont care about size, actually id rather keep my size gaining at a minimum.

What is everyones opinion on Epistane and Hdrol?
Is there anything better?


I would take the H-drol over the Epi. Epi strength gains are very comparable to H-drol. H-drol will give you more size gains where Epi is more of a dry compound. As for strength there about the same.

I know you can stack the two...classic H-drol and Havoc stack

Lets see what other people have to say first


I like that you are starting where you should with a couple low-sides, legal, decent ph's.
Just to ask though, are you aware of the typical sides that come from these two? Do you have an idea on dosage and cycle length?
Most importantly, do you plan on running a post cycle?


The op explicitly said that he would prefer to keep size gains to a minimum yet you recommend the drug that you think gives MORE size gains.

Are you retarded or a troll?


Wow your so funny! He was looking for my opinion idiot...i would stick with the h-drol. It's not like it blows your up like test.


Well it seems as if youre not a troll. That's sad.



Rugby, ill help you and paraphrase Bonez as I have nothing to do and he wont take the time for it cause its so fucking simple to figure.

The OP asks opinions about what you think is best for HIS objectives, and you think is best without regarding his OBJECTIVES, ie you just feel like you would prefer to gain more size so you recommend this.



I noticed i gained more strength on H-drol to be honest... Whats the point of taking a PH if you dont want a little size..Epi just dried the crap out of my joints...H-drol gave me a bit of acne thats went away almost instantly...Rather have the h-drol


Are you dense?

No one is asking what YOUR goals are.

The OP said he DID NOT want size gains. If you dont have anything relevant to say, dont post. It's a very simple concept.