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First Cycle Help (Dianabol and Test E)


Hey everyone,

So glad to join this badass community of lifters and bodybuilders. I have done my research for the past year and have adequately stocked up on essentially everything needed for a few cycles. I plan however on starting my first ever and have already started since last Thursday, meaning I have pinned Already twice.

I have the following cycle:

Weeks 1-12 Testosterone enanthate 500mg spilt on Mon/Thursday.
Weeks 1-4 Dianabol 25 mg daily. Don’t know if I should up to 50mg per day? Am planning on taking 25mg in the morning and then another 25mg right before my workout.
I also have a regime of letrozole for estrogen control and to mitigate side effects such as water retention and bloat dosing every three days at 0.31mg. I also have on hand arimidex, hcg, clenbuterol and clomid and nolvadex for PCT.
From what I’ve read so far, I should wait three weeks after my last shot of testosterone enanthate to start PCT.
I have read lots of conflicting literature regarding PCT and know there is a counter action of nolvadex on letrozole and arimidex blood plasma levels (mean reduction of ca. 35%) and don’t know which regime to use.

Here are my stats:
Age: 28
Weight: 198
Height: 6’2 / 190cm
Bodyfat: 14%
Lifting for 4 years.

My questions are as follows:

  1. Shall I use 25mg or 50mg of Dianabol? They are capsules so can’t cut them in half. I have no side effects from Dianabol other than water retention and mild euphoria, which is nice.

  2. Shall I use letrozole all through the cycle and during PCT or stop the use of an AI the day before starting my PCT? I read the PCT should be roughly half the length duration of the cycle, so around 6 weeks should be enough to keep gains while eating still loads of protein, carbs and low fat while training like a beast. Is this correct? What doses shall u use for PCT?

  3. In terms of dieting. I am aiming for an increase in muscle mass and decreased body fat, so am using this cycle to cut mostly.
    Here is my macro breakdown:

Protein: 238g (45%)
Carbs: 185g (35%)
Fats: 46g (20%)

Calories: 2100

I have already seen a drop of 1% in body fat and have gained a kg and my workouts have never been better. Is this good for my nutrition or should I add anything else, for example increase calories or change my macro ratio around?

  1. My second test e shot, in my left glute hurts like hell. I sterilized all equipment and used gloves. There is no red colour on area site, nor any hardening- just extreme pain. On injection day it was OK. Yesterday it started to hurt but today I can Hardly sit. I read this will go away on its own but wanted to make sure. Otherwise will go to the Dr tomorrow. Is this normal or did I screw the injection somehow? All my gear has been tested with an at home steroid kit so is legit. I’m also getting acne and my clothes fit tighter and looser at the same time.

I apologize for the novel but know you experienced lifters can perhaps help me out? I live in Germany just for reference and all my pre-cycle blood work is in order.

Thanks in advance!


Its pretty normal for virgin muscle. i wouldnt go to the dr just yet. Apply some heat to it, and massage and give it some time. Also, after each injection, be sure to massage the site around to spread the oil in the muscle fibers.


Everything sounds fine with your planning
I’m confused by a few things you’ve said tho. This is your 1st cycle and you just started? You said you have no issues with Dbol tho

Also, I highly doubt you can accurately track that you’ve already dropped 1% BF and gained 2.2lbs of muscle mass unless you have access to extremely expensive advanced technology


Thanks studhammer! :slight_smile: appreciate your advice


Thanks man! What do you recommend for PCT? Clomid and letrozole together Or just Nolvadex? This is My first ever cycle. What do you think of my macros?


I recommend following a proper PCT protocol. You can find that on here. I’ve never heard of anyone using Letro for PCT tho. I thought most guys just used that if they were fighting Estro or combatting gyno; I’m no expert tho
For macros I suggest accurately weighing your foods, tracking your macros and letting your body decide how to adjust if needed


A dexa scan doesn’t cost that much. :smile:

Though, I’m sure that’s not how this was calculated…


Hey guys, yeah that was just an estimate. So far I’ve gained 3 kilo in 12 day. The injection site pain has totally subsided and after doing some reading, I now warm up the oil before it and keep a needle in the freezer which I use to pin. I have read alot about PCT but still don’t know what to use. Just Nolvadex or nolvadex with clomid or clomid with an AI? It’s all a bit to medical for me to fully understand. Any help would be highly appreciated.


Most recommend not to mix Nolva and Adex. They are 2 separate things. Nolva is a Selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) and Adex is an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI). Nolva is good if there are signs of gyno but Adex theoretically prevents the formation of Estrogen so it never gets bound to the receptor sites.