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First Cycle Help, Dbol/Test E

So my plan is to do a 10 week cycle of test e at 500 mg a week split so im taking it twice a week
dbol at 30 mg day for 4 weeks(read you can use it up to 6 i might do this)
adex .25 mg every day
nolva for pct 20/20/20/20
now what I’m not to sure about is hcg i dont know if its completely neccesary or something i can leave out any help would be greatly appreciated.

bumpity bump can someone offer some advice?and tell me if the rest is on point i also plan on taking mik thistle during my cycle

The general consensus seems to be that HCG is a good idea for someone taking exogenous testosterone. I’m taking it as part of my TRT regiment and I assume my endo knows what he’s doing.

As far as the Adex is concerned I don’t know what to tell you. That seems like a big dosage, but if you don’t know how your body responds then you don’t know if it’s too much or too little. My e2 was high on 200mg test and 1mg Adex per week. I actually take 1.5mg/wk, which for other guys could absolutely crash their e2. My point is that you won’t know until you get into it and see how your body reacts.

What are your goals here? What are your stats?

i was saying .25mg not 25 mg,dont know if you thought I wrote that.i have read about taking adex every two to three days at .25 mg

my goal is to achieve a lot of new lean body massn and make some strength gains and to go over my plateau

I read it as .25mg and then did the math as if you’d said .5mg (since that’s my dose). Sorry for the confusion.

Well the strength gains will certainly be there. I’ve yet to hear anyone say that they didn’t get excellent strength from dbol. As far as gaining a lot of LBM I would ask how much you’re looking for.

I would be estatic with 20 pounds gained in a 10 week cycle.thats what i least hope to achieve.if it ends up being more than that i would not complain.

I guess the more important questions are how much of that is actual muscle and how much do you expect to retain after you’ve run your pct? If you go in with really high expectations and then don’t meet them it can be very taxing on your mind and your general attitude. Don’t expect 20lbs of keepable muscle to be gained in 10 weeks.

I wont expect but i have read on forums that some people do gain 20 pounds in a 8-10 week cycle.Now probably not all of this is muscle,but ui expect that some will be water weight and some will be fat gained.With the proper pct i should retain most of the muscle i gained right?

So the dbol will be great for strength and the mass that you gain will be mostly subcutaneous water retention. Now, the fact that it makes you stronger means heavier lifts which means (after a few steps) new muscle growth. But gains on dbol are called “rental muscles” for a reason.

I’m a big believer in the power of testosterone, not just because of the piles of science we have to show us what it can do, but also because of my personal experience of being on TRT. So if you’re eating right, training hard, and sleeping well (don’t underestimate the importance of sleep) then I could see you making good gains on cycle and then retaining maybe half of it after proper pct.

But 20lbs? I’m not sure about that. What is your starting weight? How tall are you? How long have you been lifting? How old are you?

Im 32 im 170 pounds and 5 9.I have been training since i was 20,but taken it more serriously the last 4-5 years.

Good deal. Go for it, man.

so i aquired my stuff and it is only dosed 300 mg and its a 10 ml vial im reading alot on other forums if im taking that low of a dose 10 weeks is not long enough.

That’s a bummer. 300 is an odd concentration. Usually you see C or E come in at 250 or occasionally 500, but 300 is a little bit of an outlier.

For some perspective, doc rx TRT will top out at 200mg/wk. At that level my TT went from 325 to 1106. So adding 50% to my dosage (300 vs 200) I would see numbers waaaaay beyond the normal range. Although your TT is non-linear as you increase the dosage, you can sort of guess that 300 will give you much more than 200, but 500 will give you a ton more than 300. If that makes sense. So 300/wk should push you far enough above normal to give you some benefits, but how much is a bit of a toss up. You should perhaps try to obtain another 10ml vial and then run it the way you planned, at 500/wk. That’s a tried and true cycle, and it’s what you wanted to do in the first place. I say don’t compromise unless you have no way of procuring more.

I did 60 mgs of dbol/week and all i got was gyno. Minimal weight gain. I felt like i was eating a ton more, maybe i wasnt. Just know that dbol leads to gyno. I even double my adex with this cycle. Had to stop the dbol and get on letrozole to get rid of the gyno.

well everybody responds different I have heard, plus i have heard 60 mg of dbol is quite a high dose I think the test and the dbol will do good especially since I’m most likely going to try to aquire another bottle like iron yuppie is suggesting which i was allreadfy thinking of doing

The brand I prefer is dosed to 300mg test enanthate. It’s good stuff. I have tried higher concentration of gear but the shit burns.

so the test seems to have kicked in.strength is way up and im up 3 pounds i might start a log here on the forum