First Cycle Help DBOL Only

I want to do only 1 cycle to get some weight, im 24 - 80kg - 1.90cm , ectomorph and getting weight verry hard so i will do a cycle to get some boost for next summer !

I already bought 120 pils of dbol, 60 proviron and 80 clomid, its oke to take them as chart above ?


Most of the guys proposing their first cycles+PCT are making really bad mistakes out of ignorance.

You do not have a provision for gyno.

Your objective is to gain weight. Not much info.
Why are you avoiding injected testosterone?

What is the point? You will still lose it all after the cycle if you can’t eat enough to maintain it. Intramuscular fluid retained on dbol which can amount to 10lbs will be lost within a week of cessation of the drug. You will most likely mistake that for muscle loss. If you forcefeed yourself during the cycle and revert to old eating habits, you will end up with less muscle and more fat than when you started since your hpta will be suppressed for a period of time after the cycle. Then you’ll do another silly cycle, bloat up and shrink again…

There are so many things wrong it is hard to find a place to start.

Dbol for eight weeks is terrible for your liver.

Liv52 sucks, try TUDCA if you want some decent liver protection

You post nothing about strength of what you have nor what you plan to do.

You will shut down your natural test production, why? Google, the answers are out there.

Your cycle sucks and you haven’t bothered to learn anything beyond posting an annoying questlon.

Oh and using the term “ectomorph” is akin to saying the world is flat. It is a long discredited theory. A fucking pox on anyone who still uses it. Somatotype and constitutional psychology - Wikipedia

Yep, these responses here are why it took me months to start asking and many hours of reading and research.

Get a book my man, its called Anabolic Primer and read it then research on the web from credible sources. Then put a plan together and ask veterans like these guys to help from there.