First Cycle Help and Advice

Sustanon 250 2x week monday and thursday 500mg in total for 12 weeks
Dbol 30mg per day until test kicks in
Armidex 0.5mg eod
Liv 52 during dbol
18 days after last pin start pct
50mg Clomid 40mg nolva ed first week
50mg Clomid 20mg nolva ed second week
25mg Clomid 20mg nolva ed third week
25mg Clomid 20mg nolva ed fourth week

Looking for advice on this any help would be appreciated thank you

You need to give more info. It’s hard to tell if a cycle is good for someone when we know nothing about them. It’s good to know stats like height, weight, age, BF%, training, diet, and any other info you might think to give. The more info you give, the more likely you are to get help.

I’d use NAC and TUDCA for the dbol portion rather than the Liv52. Nothing wrong with it, but the two I mentioned have been the go-to for guys running orals.

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Hieght = 5.9
Weight = 14stone
im 31 on 22 June been training for 6 or 7 years straight I’m good size with I reckon about 20 percent bf
This is my first cycle and just needed to know if everything I stated above sounds spot on or if there’s something I missed thanks for reply

Also I train 4 or 5 days a week

Thanks ive seen tudca I could get that I reckon but I’ve already got liv52 is there a better benefit to having tudca over liv52

yes. tudca is more effective. But that being said, I honestly don’t see much of a need for either, unless you drink a lot of alcohol as well. 30mg dbol for a few weeks likely won’t do any damage at all to your liver.

Thanks m8 no i dont drink alot only on special occasions do you think my pct is enough or should I adjust the doses thanks for replying

It’s probably overkill, frankly. But for a traditional two-SERM pct it’s dosed appropiately.

As a side note, I generally agree with Flip regarding the liver damage issue. You probably won’t do any real damage on a short course of an oral, especially at the reasonable dose that you’ve outlined. But it doesn’t hurt to add in something like tudca or nac, hence the reason it’s usually recommended. In other words, there’s no downside, but there may also not be any tangible upside either.


don’t run sust. If you did you have to pin 3x a week or better yet EOD. If you really want multi ether run prop and cyp or enanth.

I would run the dbol at the end since it’s your first cycle.

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K thanks guys would it be better just using Clomid then or just using tamox I’ve already bought the sust and was gonna do Monday and Thursdays will I still get gains at this layout or is it pointless

agreed. i used to tell this to people all the time, but for some reason it’s still popular. Generally it seems like the people who insist on running it do so because they don’t live in the US and it happens to be the easiest for them to find. but yea, I much prefer C and E.

why? just curious.

I could’ve got either but pick the sust now that I have it though is running it 2x a week ok or do i have to run it eod for best results I was gonna run the dbol at the start to kick start until the test came in then stop the dbol thanks for replying guys I’m just trying to get some more info on this and your help is much appreciated

Well you don’t technically need the dbol as a kickstarter because the sust has prop and TPP, so you don’t have the same lag time as you would with c or e. But that being said, you can run it at the beginning or the end. Usually guys run it at the beginning for the reason you’ve outlined. But maybe because it’s your first cycle and you’re using a faster acting version of test you could wait until you’ve gotten an idea of how said test will treat you. But it’s a coin flip.


Ok thanks one last question is it ok to run the sust Monday and Thursday and still see decent returns

Is it ok to run the sust just monday and thursday this gonna sound like I’m being a shit bag but with it being my first time pinning was hoping to keep it to a minimum I just want to know if there still benefits to pinning Monday and Thursday

It’s fine to pin it twice a week. In theory the TPP will have a half life of four days, so you’ll get some peaks and troughs, but nothing too ridiculous. As far as results go, those will be 100% dependent on diet and training.

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since it’s the first cycle I’d like to see him get used tot he test first, see how he responds etc.

Once the cycle is in full swing and he’s acclimated, he can add the dbol for that experience as well as that final push for the most gains possible.

Being a powerlifter, and currently on a body building prep. Orals at the end make the most sense. They bring you to an absolute peak.

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IMO, no. And that isn’t the only problem with sust. The other issue is you end up with a low amount of all of the esters in you at any given time.

If you already have it then I’d use it. Next time make a smarter choice.

You’ll find if you want sust to really work it’s best you’ll run 1cc EOD or 1.5 MWF.

If I were to run sust 2x a week, which I would never… I’d run it 2cc 2x a week.

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Ok thanks for the info I realise now I fucked up on choice of test and I’m kicking myself now I’ll do it MWF and see how it goes thanks for all the help

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