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First Cycle, Have Strange Reaction

On my first cycle and 41. Never used anything prior. Folk here have been helpful throughout. I had an issue with low est a week or so ago and thanks to the advice here it is balanced and I am back at it. I am in week 6 I think of 500mg/week administering 250 twice weekly. I have gotten the normal upper back/upper arms acne.

In the last week it has gotten worse but now I have bruises coming in around some of the bumps. two on my right bicep and one of my left. The bruises appear when they do and is prior to me trying to pinch it or anything. doesnt hurt or anything so I am guessing no big deal but does anyone have a remedy for the acne. It is pretty damn bad.

i’d double check your E2 levels… a spike in estrogen can cause acne.

some guys are prone to it, and some guys can have it really, REALLY bad…