First Cycle (Have some Questions)

Here is what my cycle looks like.

Weeks 1-5 Deca 300mg injected twice a week.

(starting with just Deca so I can see what kind of side effects I get) if any

Weeks 5-10 Deca 300mg and 250mg of test injected twice a week.

PCT: Have some Forma-D Anti-Xenoestrogen going to take 3 pills a day for 4 weeks.
Was wondering if Forma-D Anti-Xenoestrogen works as well as Novedex XT or should I get the Novadex.

Any other stuff I should take for PCT and any other advice or articles to read would be helpful thanks!

Forgot to give training history among other things so doing that now.

I have been training regularly for 3 years now lost about a 100 pounds while getting stronger in the process.

I’m 6 foot 185 pounds right now and probably around 15% body fat (hard to tell cause i got A LOT of loose skin)

I started this cycle to get bigger and gain strength (trying to fill some of the loose skin with muscle)

If you have any questions feel free to ask

jesus christ

In what way does an Anti-Xenoestrogen qualify as PCT?
Do you understand the purpose of PCT beyond just ‘So i can keep my gains’?

I can’t help you, but you could probably get BONEZ to help provided you show you have an ounce of a brain.
To do this, I recommend providing an answer to the following:

  1. Describe what happens to the bodies natural production of testosterone, when synthetic testosterone is injected.

  2. Describe how testosterone and estrogen levels in the body are regulated (Your answer should include the words: Pituitary, aromataze, luteinizing hormone (LH))

  3. Describe what effect the drugs tamoxifen/clomiphene and anastrazole have on the pituitary/estrogen levels

Read the stickies or use wikipedia, they are not hard to answer.
Or don’t, there are probably other forums where people will just tell you what to do.

maybe you can keep a log so we can sticky it. lol.

Are you for real? Please tell me.

This has got to be a joke.