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First Cycle, Have a Few Questions


Hello, I am 24 years old, about 150 pounds, 5 7, 9-11% body fat and have been training consistently and correctly (including diet) for the past 2 years, but I have also worked out 2 years before that as well.

This will be my first cycle, and my cycle goals are to add 10-15 pounds of lean mass on my body which from what I read is pretty realistic. I want to use AAS because Ive been a hard gainer my whole life, and these past 2 years Ive worked really hard to gain this lean weight, but I feel like Ive hit a plateau now, 155 has always been my max weight no matter what I eat or how I change my routines.

Ive been reading around and obviously my first cycle will be Test-E only, I intend to do my blood work before/after once I get my cycle and research down, but I still have a few questions which Ill post at the end, but my cycle is as follows:

Okay, so my questions are:

  1. First of all, a lot of the cycles I see that are Newbie friendly have Test-E going for 10-12 weeks, then a 2 week break to clear the system and then the PCT starts, this cycle I found took a lot of the PCT dr*gs during the cycle as a protective measure, with no 2 week break between the cycle and the start of the PCT. Is this fine to do; is there any benefit of doing this? Will it affect my cycle in any way? Or is the 2 week break between the cycle and a straight PCT preferred more than this?

  2. A lot of cycles that I have seen take 500mg of test per week for 10 weeks straight, but I have seen some cycles that do a taper down Is there any benefit to this method, or should I just do the normal 10 week cycle followed by a 2 week break?

  3. Another question I have is Arimidex vs Nolva, which do you find more effective?

  4. My final question is in relation to D-bol, do you guys find that kickstarting the cycle with D-bol for the first 4 weeks at 10mg 3/d helpful in the overall gains of the cycle?


You are not a hardgainer, you are an undereater. Double your food, seriously. You dont need steroids, you need FOOD!!!


Eat. More. Food. Period. 150lbs is skinny. No where near ANY males genetic limit, other than very extreme circumstances. Don't do dangerous drugs if you have no idea how to get your diet down first. Eat more.


Take PCT drugs for PCT. You want to wait until the Test has cleared to give your body a better chance at recovery. If you want to speed up recovery, or maintain testicular size, use HCG during cyle. D-bol is one of the most effective AAS, so....yes 4 weeks at 30mg a day will certainly aid in overall gains.


Do you understand the role that height plays in determining whether a certain weight is 'big' or not?

Do you understand the role of body composition....

I agree that this guy is probably a bit small to NEED steroids but you claiming that anyone that is 150lbs is skinny is ignorant.


My above post was just to make a point about generalizations.

But you clearly need to learn how to push your caloric intake higher.

How many calories did you eat yesterday? What about the day before? How many calories will you eat tomorrow?


lol, hit a little close to home did it?


yea 5,7 at 150 with 8-9 percent body fat isnt extremely skinny ... its actually pretty "normal"

i do realize my diet can be better, but, as i fix my diet and increase my calories on test the plan is to maximize my gains and then during pct and afterwords, cont with the same diet and get gains natty. basically i wanna break past this 150-160 lbs plateau! with single digits body fat...

average 2500 calories per day.. some days i hit around 3k ...
i am an ecto so i basically eat often ... along with a 50 + g protein shake every night before i go to sleep....
my protein intake is easily over 200g daily...


I guarantee you this isn't going to happen, if you can't break past 150lbs naturally, 160 lbs will be harder.. you'll just get frustrated again, complain about how you're a 'hardgainer' and do a heavier cycle




No one here should be using the general population as a baseline for what's big or small.

What do you mean 'sometimes I hit 3k'??

Why arent you hitting 3k EVERY DAY? How can you complain about not being able to gain weight when you dont know how to eat consistently. You are the exact type of person that will gain a decent amount on cycle and then lose everything and possibly more within a month of PCT ending.

Youre small for a simple reason. Address that before wasting your time with drugs.


I'm close to 45 pounds heavier than this guy, at the same height. Maybe 6 years ago it would have but I was skinny back then. So no, it didnt.