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First Cycle - Halodrol


Just wondering if I missed anything -

Doing a 4 week cycle

Week 1 50 mgs per day
Weeks 2-4 75 mgs per day

Taking Organ Shield throughout as well as the usual (multivitamin, high EPA fish oil, MAG-10)


I have liquid Nolvadex I was going to use at

as well as either Recycle OR Revolution PCT Black + Pure Test

Current stats:
6 feet tall
200 lbs 20%



you could always run a real cycle..

nolva should be at least 20mg ED for at least 4 weeks.. I don't know wtf all the other "pct" stuff is

u should lose fat before you begin


sounds like a shitty cycle... if you're going to cycle i'd advise a low test high tren cycle for your high BF percentage.


....Lmao 20% you fat turd im surprised this idiot didn't say "Daww ima take winny!" i love those posts. Oral only cycles < hehe


I have ran two cycles in the past.
It is 'advised' to run longer then 4 weeks as only starts to kick in around then,
I think I did 75mg from the off I can remember so you might wanna try a higher dose.
I went up about 12lbs with my cycle and gained strength but lost most of that weight
(I did proper pct nolvadex)
What I'm saying is you may end up disappointed like I did.


Is halodrol even a steroid? I thought it was just a pro-hormone.


Yes it is a pro hormone


I think you should try to get down to 15%bf or lower first. A 4 week cycle is also too short. You really start to feel it at 4 weeks.