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First Cycle Hair Loss Risk at 36 Y/O?

I was thinking of trying steroids for the first time, only running testosterone. My only concern is losing my hair but I’m 36 and have no thinning at all…so I’m hoping my hairline will be safe. Opinions? Is this low risk like I assume? I’m guessing I’m not prone to male pattern baldness since I’ve made it this long. My brother is however. My family is all over the place in terms of balding.

There are no guarantees with steroids about hair loss, even if you haven’t experienced any naturally. Most mens hair eventually thins with age even if they don’t obviously go bald. Only a very small percentage have the same density in their 50’s as they did in their 20’s or 30’s. They do exist but the are a minority.

You won’t know until you start steroids how you will react to it.
I saw a reflection of myself at the end of my first cycle, and said to myself who is that balding cunt? That made me want to go down the road of using minimal testosterone, and make up the bulk of the cycle with drugs that don’t aromatize as much. I chose EQ, but deca would also fit the bill but it has other issues I’d rather not risk.
My hairline does recede a little on cycle, but it regrows. Others might not lose any noticeable hair(minority), many will have their baldness accelerated, permanently.
I also use Nizoral shampoo on cycle.

Thanks. I read EQ and definitely Deca should be stacked with test. Maybe low dose test.

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I take it from the post that this would be the first cycle for you?
For a first cycle use testosterone and testosterone ONLY. Your body already is use to it so all you will be doing is increasing the level of something your body is already use to. There are a whole laundry list of things that could happen with AAS and the further you deviate from basic testosterone the longer the list gets.

Since there is some balding in your family then usually that is from reaction to DHT and it’s metabolites. (I think either way dht is in there with the balding process) What you can do is use support ancillaries to help with your bodies reaction. When our bodies have testosterone on them then some is attached to the SHBG, some is aromatized into estrogen and some is broken down into DHT by way of 5a reductase enzyme. There are 5a blockers on the market. I have seen herbal supplements claiming to help with it but I don’t know for sure that there is a pharmaceutical remedy. I am fairly sure there is a pharmaceutical 5a reductase blocker out there. I have no balding on my mother’s side so I have never had any urge to go read up. What I am getting at is if you keep the DHT under control then balding should not be too much of a concern. Go read up on 5 alpha reductase and how to control or block it. Remember you don’t want to completely block it just keep it within an optimal window.

Other ways for you to proceed while being able to control if you start balding is with a short chain testosterone like propionate. If has a short half life so if you start to bald simply stop using it and perform a proper PCT.

For my conscience I have to say the following; do not start ANY AAS usage or cycle without your PCT ancillaries in hand and since you will be using a testosterone for your first cycle you NEED an AI to keep estrogen in check. The main three AIs are arimidex, aromasin and femara. Femara is heavy duty so stay away unless it is needed for a high dosage cycle. Most people use arimidex and it’s half life is 3 days. Aromasin has a half life of 8-9 hours. Each had strengths and weaknesses so read up on both before deciding.