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First Cycle Guidance?

Hey guys purely thinking about starting my first cycle, yet to nail down any strict numbers. Bit about me, 24 years old, 6’2 97kg, been in the gym for close to 8 years, playing competitive rugby since before that so fitness and healthy eating have always been top priority. Coming towards the end of the season and wanting to bulk up effectively before training begins again in 3/4 months. Aware of the general disapproval of running a cycle at this age and happy to hear what more educated minds think.

Thinking of a simple test e only cycle, 12 weeks 400mg a week pinning twice a week. Leaving myself with the chance to go up to 500mg if I feel like it would benefit me.
Arimidex on hand but from what I understand if I don’t see side effects I shouldn’t use it.
Nolvadex for pct starting 2 weeks after last pin at 40/40/20/20.

Interested to see what more experienced peoples advice would be on anything more that should be expected of my pct. Would be awesome to hear what everyone thinks I could do better.

Sounds perfect. It’s actually refreshing to see someone wanting to do something reasonable for a first cycle rather than try to stack 3 or 4 drugs

I would suggest you get labs done before and during cycle; then 6 weeks after PCT.


What Vet said. You nailed it exactly, man. Sounds like you’re ready. Stick around and keep us updated if you decide to start.

FINALLY!!! Somebody listened!!!

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Yep. You got it. Do exactly what you say you’re gonna do and you’ll have success. Don’t vary it in any way.

Holy cow! Someone actually reads the shit that people write on here! Good luck and yes, keep us posted.

Hey guys, happy to say I’m at the start of my 4th week in my cycle. As expected I havent seen many results as of yet as it is still so early. While saying that I have put on 4kg’s and feel like my endurance during the back end of sets has really improved. All lifts have gone slightly up, possibly due to my increased hunger to train, can’t wait to see where I go from here!