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First Cycle. Give Me the Nod.

Hiya Im 22

5’9 175 and have done local shows in the past and present (body fat sits at about 10% most of the time and I compete at under 6) and have been training since 14.

I want to start to cycle because natural progress is almost non existent.

Diet and training are fine but I jut want to really speed up the process.


8 week test prop 125 eod.

Pct Clomid

HCG whilst on cycle.

(I have used some clenbuterol once in the past but no steroids)

Any tips on keeping gain post cycle?

I have heard people complain about test prop pain and am unsure if they are acting like little girls or it really is that bad…

Compared to getting a blood test done how much does injecting test prop hurt?

5 being the same pain as a blood test and 10 being at least twice a painful. (sorry I just don’t have anything to base it off)

also they day after will I be able to sit down?

uh im not sure what else to ask…how does/did test prop work out for you guys?

Prop pain is very individual. Some vendors will offer a 1cc sample.

The prop i’ve used in the past was quite painless, and quite effective :smiley:

Also we need training history, goals, and compound weekly dosages to evaluate your cycle.


-Training since 14

-Current lift are:

              Bench 345 x8
              Squat 400 x8
              Dead lifts 480x 8

I used to train for strength but the past year or so mainly for size.

I eat about 5000 cals at the moment to keep my current size… Lots of dairy.

My goal is to maintain a natty size of over 200 at about 10 or so bodyfat.

Also I would be taking about 400 mg of Test P a week.

How do you guy reach weights of over 200 naturally at the same height as me? I have trained so o hard to reach 175-180 200 naturally is almost impossible for me to fathom.

If I keep eating I just get fat and my lifts barely go up. :frowning:

Have you thought about a slightly lower dose of test for your first cycle; with a different ester? I am a big fan of frontloading with either cypionate or enenthate. Also, a lot of guys on here will pin these esters EOD but you can totally do E3D; which for me is much preferred.

You sound like a beast, wanna post some pics?

Referring back to my earlier paragraph, something like a 600mg frontload of cyp or enenthate followed by 300mgs every 3 days has worked beautifully for me. Simple, effective, and not too many shots for a first cycle. My first cycle was a beast with test blend, tren, nandralone phenylpropionate and stanozolol… With all the ancillaries of course. It was ridiculous.

Would have been a lot better to just do a straight test cycle. Anyways, that is what you are planning. Just throwing out some food for thought.

Regarding keeping your gains post-cycle; a primary goal is to see your natural test production be recovered. You also want to be careful with your training during the interim period when you are coming off of the drugs and restarting your HPTA. It is important to continue training and provide the proper stiumulus; but you don’t want too much volume. At this point your body wants to go catabolic. You have spent so many weeks (or months) blocking cortisol; with increased protein synthesis and androgen receptor activity that all of a sudden you find yourself without the serum. Controlling cortisol is a primary concern.

*I did not use tren and nandralone together; used at different points in the cycle.

thanks guy’s

Im pretty busy but I will upload some pics in the next couple of days.

I am also reconsidering switching from prop to e.

to much pinning for my liking :frowning: