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First Cycle Gains


Age: 19
Weight: 250

Hello guys iv been doing test prop & masteron at 100 mg each on tuesdays, thursday, and saturdays. Im two and a halve weeks in, dropped about 3 pounds and no strenghth increase but crazy endurance increase i went from 60 pushups to 125. Been doing alot of body weight work but will be switching to weights in order to gain some weight.

The whole concept of my cycle was to gain some good lean weight that i could keep (15 pounds) so recently about 5 days ago ive started taking about 20 mg of dbols as well to hellp with the weight gain . As for my diets it very clean with high protein and moderate carbs.

This is my first cycle and i was expecting to have gain some weight by now and this whole thing seems very discouraging, when do think the gear will kick in ? & also do you believe my gear is fake ? I got it from a very very good freind of myne. Do you guys believe i should up my prop and masteron doses ? I will be eventually upping my dbols and peaking at 30 mgs
Thanks for the help guys


As for my lifts my 1repmax's have not changed but i dont fatigue nearly as much and recovery is spot on, as for body composition ive lost around 3-4 pounds but look exactly the same as before.


Seems like I remember everyone telling you to research more before starting a cycle. Obviously you didn't so here you are asking question you should already know the answers to. I doubt you'll receive much help here if any since you blatantly ignored all advice given in the past. Good luck though


I did listen to almost all the advice given except for stop taking AAS & i have my own personal reasons for that. What if soneone told 15 year arnold to stop taling roids !!


Your taking AAS and doing bodyweight exercises? Seems pretty stupid. And you wonder why you are losing weight while taking them haha..


Every other day injections doesn't mean tuesday thursday saturday. just do every other day.

other than that, i'm not sure what you're asking. should you have gained weight? not if all you do is 125 pushups for your workout. eat more carbs if you want to gain weight, eat more fat, eat more in general. or maybe your gear is just fake which would actually be the best outcome of this whole thing.


Also he is doing 300mg of test a week...not great for adding mass.


If you have only been doing bodyweight exercises, how do you know your 1RM's haven't changed at all? And if this statement does happen to be true, why are you testing your 1RM's after 2.5 weeks on gear?


Dude.... really? You're a far cry from Arnold and I'm pretty sure he wasn't using aas until much later in his professional career as a bodybuilder. Don't make asinine comparisons between you and ol arnie.

Now go away


How can you expect to be taken seriously if you cant even spell.


Body weight excersise are not everything i do but a major part of my workout i will now switch back to my usual routine of powerlifting


You forgot a quesiton mark.


I love this forum lol


Dumb people make me feel so much better about myself


The other day you told somoene to do high rep sets to get cut up.

But I guess, in your opinion, lack of AAS knowledge is worse than lack of general fitness knowledge...


Wait...that's not how I look like an abercrombie and fitch model.....shit!


He started around 13, but thats neither here nor there.


I love how he plans to up the dose on a fairly advanced cycle instead of modifying eating or training.


Never was interested in arnolds steroid use as it doesn't really doesn't factor into me meeting my goals, nonetheless

Even so, hardly worth the comparison


It was rhetorical, not supposed to be a question. You also spelt question wrong :slightly_smiling: