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First Cycle, Gained 15kg in 6 Weeks So Far. More Gains Coming?

New here. Lets start it short. I have been powerlifting in past when i was young 4 years. Now had 9 years total brake of gym. Started 6 weeks ago and went straight to my first cycle ever - > 500mg test cypionate/week. Currently i have gaines 15 kgs! literally “no fat at all” and no bloating/water retention, only very litle, face is thick as started. This is realy wierd and kinda ridiculous ? i know i have maybe better than “average” genetics, but my body seems to response to my first cycle very hard!. Most people say the true “boom” will come in weeks 8-12, so can i expect that i will get even more huge effects on my body ?. No need of Ai’s with this dose. Not a single Acne effect, No problems with nipples, libido is good, E2 is in good range. 24 pg/ml. I have worked hard and eat like a fucking lion, protein 2.5-3g/kg. Start bodyweight was 71, now 86. Uhm… 15 kg in 6 week… strange. Muscles full and hard, and i state again, face is not a balloon.

I don’t believe you. I would have to see before and after pictures to believe a claim like that is possible.

Its likely a lot of water that he’s visualizing a muscle. Some people just don’t get that bloated look in the face. If he’s coming from a deficit on his frame I could believe it. It would be rare but still entirely plausible.

Edit: I should clarify that the weight gain is plausible… that its entirely muscle… no.

He would regain faster after a lay off (getting back lost muscle is far easier than gaining new muscle), and being in a deficit or underfed (could result in 10 lbs of glycogen gain, that wouldn’t look like bloat, but would be water weight). That is all true. I just don’t believe no water, no fat and 33 kgs in 6 weeks.


I throw a pic at your gmail blshaw ?

Of course there is water i know that. But face not bloated. And when i started, as every one can imagine how you look after 9 years of brake, and literally doing nothing. my shape was worst in my life.

Sure. I can put a picture when i started around 70-71kg weight at evening. And picture of 3-4 weeks ago when i had put around 10kg. This is why i ask this, because this is kinda wierd…

Sure thing. If you don’t want to post it. I’ll keep it private. How tall are you?

See my previous post. I don’t doubt that you have gained significant weight. If you started the cycle coming off of a diet, that would gain many people 5-6 kgs alone. Restoring depleted glycogen will make your muscles look full, and you won’t look bloated. Also, regaining muscle will come faster than new muscle.

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I received the photos. You definitely don’t look to be bloating at all. Shoulders and arms are visibly larger probably due to reasons stated @mnben87. You don’t look short, its hard to tell, so based on your before and starting weight you had a lot of frame to fill. I don’t recommend starting a cycle so underweight. It would be more beneficial to do so after you’ve got your newbie gains back but at times like this I see results that may prove me wrong. Looks like its working well for you so stay the course and let us know how it turns out.


just measured, Was 173cm. hah.

Thanks alot shaw, i will post you updated pictures when i take them, like i stated in email, have put on around 6-8kg from that last picture :). The real question why i posted this, was that i am kinda impressed how my body reacts. And alot of people say the solid “boom” effect, will come in from weeks 6-12 or from 8-12. So i think i will pack a “good” amount of mucle/weight in coming weeks. My “cycle” is not gonna end week 12, i will go 16-20 weeks with this 500mg/week, Then lower is to 300mg/week and add something on there. I do have Ai’s incase, i have aromasin and arimidex and if i need something else, i can get it. Currently i have not seen any reason to take ai :). Only side effect that has come in last week, is now i have a little oily skin.

Ya would rather keep private :). only 174cm.

I only have experience with one small blast (smaller than yours), but I have heard experienced users say that 8 weeks is when they start stalling out. Some add in a compound at around that time to keep gains going, or swap out a compound for something stronger at that point (for example switching from NPP to Tren at 8 weeks).

I honestly don’t remember much about my first cycle as its been so freaking long other than I never gained like I did on the first one. I can tell you that when I run my mini blasts now it takes about 4 weeks for the long esters to start making a difference visually and I usually stall out by 8-10 weeks. I don’t run things longer than 10-12 weeks for that reason.

Yeah i have friend doing that, but they have been cycling years and years. Considering this is my first “cycle” going on with test only, and like all know, first “cycle” gives most times the most dramatic results. Of course you cant compare if some one start test only cycle, and then another cycle with test and strong stuff like tren, you will for sure get alot more muscle from that second test/tren cycle, than your first test only cycle. The reason i am going only test now, is that it is my first ever cycle, and i want to see how my body reacts to 1 chemical at time. If i would throw now deca + tren in, and when i got some side-effects, i cannot know wich one of 3 compounds is cousing them to me. Maybe i throw in Boldenone at week 10, but will start 250mg/week to see how it effects me, then up the dose to 500. So would go boldenone 500mg/w + test cyp 500mg/w. If i do this, i will for sure Frontload boldenone first 2 weeks with 1000mg.

Oh yes, thanks for reply :). I see alot of “false thinkin” that people think example Test E and Test C “take 6 weeks to see effects”… no it does not. Test will rise from your first injection and there is no magic thing “start work at week X”, Oh i should state another thing, My s-test have been low in last 3 years, it have been on morning 12-15, and depengind on labs here, the mariginal is (12-32) for example. I also have long term anxiety,depression,panic disorders, but BOOM. After the very first Test injection, ALL gone in 3 days. I have gone trought 10 different medicines… also i currently also have medicines that i have been using 4 years now. But test made my life worth living.

Maybe. An advanced user can use a whole lot of drugs, and only gain a bit of muscle. IMO, doing this is silly. I think once you reach that point, the risk vs reward is so skewed towards risk, that being content with what you have, and having better health makes more sense.

Don’t do any of this. EQ (boldenone) takes a long time to build and clear. Just do straight test. If you can’t restrain yourself from another compound, I would recommend doing a non aromatizing oral like anavar or turinabol.

You are correct here.

This could also partially explain why you have gained more than expected. You have a larger differential between your normal levels and blast levels since your T is lowish.

Also, what were you saying about waiting 3 months and then cruising? That makes no sense to me. If you are going to cruise do it right after the cycle (you can take a week off of pinning to let the levels come down to cruise levels if you want). I don’t understand the logic here.

Hmm maybe i explained something wrong. I am going this first cycle for 16-20 weeks like i wrote. and the amount will be 500mg test C. Then i will low to cruise - > 300mg/week and add another compound. hope this makes some sense :slight_smile:

That makes more sense. IMO, doing your cruise with 200 mg of test per week (IMO, 250 mg should be top end for almost everyone) and no other compounds would be wise. I think your blood work and blood pressure on 200 mg would be better. Unless you are getting huge, 200 is probably enough to maintain and gain some (if training and diet are there). IMO, it makes sense to save the other compounds for your next blast. I know others use larger dose and use multiple compounds for their cruises, but I personally put a higher value on my health.