First Cycle From CHILE with rage

Hello, from Chile with Rage.
What?s up roids lovers!!!
Now is time for my first cycle
I?m looking for a 12 LBS gain of lean muscle mass.
I weight 200 lbs, 6?3 and 4 years training. I?m 26 old.

week 1-3 primo 200 mg/w + oxandolone 20mg/day

week 4-6 primo 200 mg/w + oxandolone 20mg/day + winny (oral)30 mg/day.

What do you think??.

Let me know what do you think about this cycle.

well i can tell you a couple of things, first you won’t be happy with only a 12 pound gain. I’m 6"3/223 and need another 30 to get to where I want to be. Why does everyone like primo and orals so much for a first cycle? Your dosages are too low imo. Stick to something simple like test and dbol, or just test. Try 500mg a week with a front, it doesn’t seem like you know what your getting into, but get ready for some flames cause i’m sure they are coming.

That cycle is UTTER CRAP, and you will NOT get the gains you are looking for at all.

Read the steroid newbie forum.
Use the search engine on this website to become more educated before you plan anymore ridiculous cycles.

Sorry to be harsh about it, but you need to read.

so, my stack is crap,… you are hard with the beginner.

But I choose this drugs because I want minimal side effects.

So you think I?m not gain 12 lbs in six week with this drug???.

Give me feedback.

English probably isn’t this guys first language, so cut him some slack. Obviously he’s a newbie, but at least he didn’t try and run an all oral stack.

Personally, since he is a first time user it might get him 12lbs. Certainly by no means an optimal stack. Add 200mg of Test to what you have and you’ll like it a lot better, and no more sides.