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First Cycle for Work?

hCG is the one thing you can cycle without, so don’t worry too much about it. It’s good to have, but it’s not essential.

Draw with 18g or 20g, shoot with 25g.

Thats what I’ve been reading. Im still gonna try to get some asap and just run it the rest of my cycle but its pretty hard to get ahold of

[quote]millls wrote:
Thats what I’ve been reading. Im still gonna try to get some asap and just run it the rest of my cycle but its pretty hard to get ahold of[/quote]

there is a school of thought that says that using it throughout your cycle is a bad thing, and you should just blast it at the end.

Personally I’ve done both and didn’t notice much difference in recovery.

well my strength has doubled and my cardio is outstanding everything is going good and I’m really cut but my chest is a little flabby which is probably a sign of high estrogen levels right? Should I bump the ai up? or what should I do to suppress the excess estrogen?

What are you currently dosing your adex at?

[quote]millls wrote:
So I know you guys get this shit all the time, I see it all over the web and all over the other forums. I’m very new to steroids especially with the fact in mind that I dont even lift. I’m a rough neck and I work on the fastest drilling rig in America. I know that it sounds like I’m lost but I’m really not. I have one of the most physically demanding jobs there is and im ready to take it to another level.

I’m having a very hard time finding any solid information its all so condescending. Itll be a post by some guy that seems to know his shit and it’ll make good sense but then 3 posts down is some asshole telling him how wrong he is and that he doesn’t know shit. Im not looking for the dickheads that tell me I need to be a scientist in order to juice. I know 3 other hands that just juice and don’t use pct or anything just test 400 at .75ml 2x a week. But I know enough to know thats gonna fuck them in the long run and I wanna avoid that. I have a bottle of test 400 and nolvadex do I need anything else? And could someone lay a cycle out for me? I would greatly appreciate it[/quote]

Are you just looking to juice to help with your job and not workout to build muscle?
I would think cycling would make your job tougher; the pumps you get from ANY physical activity is CRAZY!!! I couldn’t imagine working a physically intense 12hr shift while cycling; you might swell up so bad you won’t be able to keep working
Just my opinion

miller do you work on a land rig of out on the water? Most of your water rigs have a weight room on them. Land rigs I can’t say so much. If this is your first time then I would make sure you watch your temper. I don’t believe in the roid rag thing but I didn’t notice I get irritable easier. It’s a whole other life on the rigs. Better then another job I have ever had. If your in with the crew then you have it made. I ran two cycles and only had my gear and clomed on hand.

Pretty stupid IMO. When you come off you’ll probably have less energy and endurance than before.

I work a demanding job too. I don’t use drugs to preform my job. Man up.

Steroids- performance enhancing drugs

I don’t notice to much of a loss of energy when I come off. But I use some intense pre-workouts and I’m kind of adhd to. Also the most I ever ran was 750mg test e and 400 mg tren e.