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First Cycle For Serious Lifter

Hello All,

I was looking for some feedback from real people on advice and expectations for a first cycle. I don’t want to make this any more annoying than it has to be, since I’m doing this as my first post, so I’ll jump right in.

Sex: Male
Age: 29, turning 30 in March
Lifting Experience: 12 years
AAS/PED Experience: None
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 180 lbs
BF: 12%?
raw B/S/D: 365/525/555
Medical Complications: None
Routine/Diet: good

My initial thought is that I could merely do a 12 week cycle of Test Cyp at 600 mg/week, with 600 being the dosage on the label (I can’t get actual pharma grade), and take Arimidex throughout the cycle. Then I could do a PCT with just clomid and be fine, and that would be that.

I do have some “vain” concerns though. I have my 30th birthday coming up in March, and while I like the idea of doing my first cycle around then, I also don’t want to be doing PCT during the summer. I would rather be on my first cycle during the summer time. The thought crossed my mind to try a cycle of SARMs first around my birthday. I feel like I’ve seen this recommended anyway. I would be starting at the beginning of March for 6 weeks, doing a PCT if necessary for 4-6 weeks, and then starting the Test cycle in June. Additionally, I also have considered maybe adding Anavar as second compound to my full cycle.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this, hopefully? Any opinions on what I could expect, or what the possible spectrum of results might be? Am I going off the deep end with this SARMS idea and the idea to include Anavar in my cycle? For anyone who doesn’t think that is so crazy, any advice on the best way to approach the SARMS and Anavar? I’m expecting most people to say just do the Test, but for those who think there could be positives from the other stuff, I’d like to know why you think so if you do. Also, the clomid. Would that be sufficient PCT for a Test only cycle?

Thanks to anyone kind enough to respond. Maybe you can’t tell, but I’m nervous as hell about finally doing this. I’m absolutely excited at the same time and I want to do it.

Why? Give me the scientific explanation for why you think this is a good idea.

Anavar is mild enough that if you included it in your first cycle it wouldn’t likely end in disaster. I’d say run it on the back end rather than the front, simply because you need to see how you react to test alone before you do anything else. But if you’re going to break protocol then anavar is probably the most forgiving second compound you could add.

My current understanding is that a 6-8 week cycle of SARMS would be mild enough that I could be off for only 6 weeks before beginning my cycle of Test/anavar, but still be worth it in comparison to the gains I would otherwise continue to make naturally during that time. If I wasn’t trying to time the test cycle, I wouldnt even consider the SARMs, because I would want to just do the test.

Thanks for you replies. I’ve seen a wide range of typical dosage for Anavar. Do you have an idea of what would be appropriate if I were definitely going to use it, or for how long? Last 5-6 weeks maybe? 40mg daily?

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Hello All,

This is my first post at this forum. I have decided I am ready to do my first cycle. I am hoping to get some good advice here that I am not getting from the people I know. I want to list my stats first so you know a little about me.

Sex: Male
Age: 29
Lifting Experience: 13 years
AAS/PED Experience: None
Height: 5’8
Weight: 180 lbs
BF%: 12ish%
raw B/S/D: 365/525/555 lbs

So being that this is my first cycle, I realize the typical recommendation is to do just Test-Cyp only for 12 weeks, and then do a PCT with a standard protocol for clomid. For dosage of Test, I was thinking 600mg per week (according to label, I can’t get pharma grade, and the actual goal is 500mg/week).

I have the following concerns: I have thought about first doing a cycle of SARMs only around my 30th Birthday coming in March, and then doing the actual cycle starting in June and throughout the summer. I was also considering adding Anavar into my cycle. Finally, and this is probably what I am most curious about, what about adding Ostarine into my PCT?. I’m getting mixed advice on this both online and from people I know and I would really love a straight answer.

Thanks in advance to anyone in advance who responds. Maybe you can’t tell but I’m both very nervous and excited and would really like some feedback about possibly going beyond Test only for my first cycle/and or using SARMs.

Sarms are crap IMO. If you must add to your test only cycle try a dbol kickstart.

im worried dbol might be too much to manage for me if i have estro related side effects. My reasoning with Anavar was that it would be mild enough to manage, and that while it might not add muscle the way dbol would, it will still give me some gains in lean mass and strength to make it worth it. do you see things differently?

Var is fine. I’ve never used it but I think it’s a better finisher at the tail end.

I ran 50mg/d for, like, 14 weeks without issue (under doctor supervision; don’t do that). I’d say if you have legit var then you can run it without issue for six weeks.

So my concern would be the yo-yo effect that plan would have on your system. You’d be on a SARM(s), then pct, then a cycle, then pct, all in the span of ~30 weeks. That’s just asking a lot from your body to adjust to. You’re almost better off just running your cycle for the 12 weeks and going into pct. I would bet that the marginal gains you’d make and keep from the SARM(s) would not be worth the wild fluctuations your hormones will put you through.

thanks that does sound reasonable. now that i look at it, i think doing pct during the summer is worth not doing a cycle of sarms. so regarding the anavar, i see you think taking it would be OK, but that being said, do you think it would be worth it? I know these things are hard to quantify, but if, hypothetically, the Test give me 15lbs of muscle gains, will the anavar merely push me to 16, or will it possibly help push to 20? am i simply reducing the effectiveness that anavar will have the next time around that I take it, or am I actually getting something special out of including it in my first cycle? I’m sorry if I seem to be overthinking things and annoying. I’m known for that lol.

Ok guys, I had another thread previously asking about my first cycle. I appreciate the responses I got there. This is ultimately what I plan to do for my first cycle unless advised against it. Please help me and critique. I’m all nervous/fired up! (not starting for 2 months, so plenty of time to make changes). As a reminder, I’m just about 30 yrs old, im 5 foot 8 and I weigh 180lbs. Lifting 12 yrs… Thanks for any input!

Weeks 1 - 8:
Ostarine - 25 mg/daily
Test C - 300 mg (1.5 CCs) 2x week (Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon)

Weeks 9: Start Anavar
Ostarine - 25 mg/daily
Test C - 300 mg (1.5 CCs) 2x week (Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon)
Anavar - 40 mg (split into 3 dosages, 10mg morning (20mg very first day, which makes 50 mg total that day), 20 mg preworkout/lunch, 10 mg bedtime)

Weeks 10 - 12:
Ostarine - 25 mg/daily
Test C - 300 mg (1.5 CCs) 2x week (Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon)
Anavar - 50 mg (split into 3 dosages, 20mg morning, 20 mg preworkout/lunch, 10 mg bedtime)

Weeks 13 - 14
Anavar - 50 mg (split into 3 dosages, 20mg morning, 20 mg preworkout/lunch, 10 mg bedtime)
EDIT : I had test here still in my original post, which was wrong. Not pinning test anymore at this point…

PCT (Starts first day of week 15)
Weeks 15 - 16
Clomid - 50mg/day
Ostarine 25mg/day
Weeks 17 - 18
Clomid - 25mg/day
Ostarine 15mg/day

Week 19 - 20
Continue with Nolva at 20 mg/day for 10 days if needed

/smashes dick with hammer repeatedly

“Why isn’t this working?!”

I don’t know what your other thread was, but if it included Ostarine in your pct then you had to have been told that this is a world-class bad idea.

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it did. you replied to me but didnt comment on that part. thats why im still all confused lol. i take it you think my actual cycle looks good (with ostarine included)?

It’s a waste of money during a cycle, especially if you are planning on running anavar. It’s downright bad to run during pct. Don’t overcomplicate things. There’s a reason everyone swears by test. It works. Every single time. The anavar breaks rule #1 of first cycle, but if you’re taking it on the back end of your run then I suppose it would be ok.


I usually use the canned reasons for why everyone should just do testosterone only for their first few cycles. I have a feeling those reasons will just get some sort of question shot back at me trying to find wiggle room as to why a person is special and doesn’t need to listen to all the people with experience. Nothing against the OP I just am in a mood today and you get this side of me in my response. Enjoy!

I am close to 40 years old now. When I was younger I loved to get FUCKED UP!!! I have done everything from weed, LSD (literally ate 80 hits within one month because I bought a sheet right before I moved to a new town thinking it would be a good way to meet the cool kids, they thought I was a Narc so I ate them all because I thought they would go bad), cocaine (not much but I know my way around it), opiots (I smoked heroin not to mention all the pills), and I even dabbled in Crystal meth. All of that shit did less to influence my life than the first cycle of testosterone. Steroids are like being on a special kind of drug that takes weeks to sober up from then months to get rid of the hang over. I love them!!! They have more profoundly changed the very fabric of my life’s essence than all of the party drugs put together.

You and everyone else need to ease your way into this stuff. Just take testosterone only for the first few cycles. Just like any drug the first time using any compound your body almost over reacts to it, make that shit count. If you go and try all of them in two years you will have waisted that first time reaction to them.

Don’t do anavar until you have a great source and you have already tried winstrol and dbol. If someone sells you bs anavar chances are it will be winstrol or winstrol mixed with dbol. So find out what those are like first before go and buy one of the most faked steroids out there. It’s just common sense so that you will know if you get fake anavar. That is if you know winstrol well enough to see if there is a difference when you buy and take what the dealer says is anavar.

You only need clomid and or Nolvadex for PCT. With how you wrote your schedule it looks like you are using clomid then IF you need it you would chase it with Nolvadex for a couple of weeks after not taking clomid anymore. Ok that is not going to hurt you but I am just not clear if you will be taking clomid and Nolvadex or clomid then possibly Nolvadex.

Finally, “What Iron said!!!”

Fuck I hate how it is so damn hard to inpart the appropriate tone to written text.

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Brother, I appreciate the fuck out of your response. You could have cursed me out, full stop, and I still would have acknowledged every point you made.

Firstly, I am going to completely drop the Ostarine, both from my PCT and my cycle. However, if someone could advise me on if it is warranted to use Ostarine as bridge between this and my next cycle, that would be great. If I can’t get such advice, then I will never use it by default.

About my PCT issue: your interpretation is correct, I plan to only use clomid in my PCT. The protocol I have is:
Week 1 - 50mg/daily
Week 2 - 50mg/daily
Week 3 - 25mg/daily

It is only if I still have estrogen related sides (like gyno), or if bloodwork shows that my test levels have not fully recovered, that I have been advised to extend my PCT by using only Nolvadex for the next 10 days at 20mg/day. Looks good?

And my my final question: is it even ever worth it to stack Anavar with Test? Is that even a good cycle if I’m not cutting? You advised me to not take it this time, and iron_yuppie was flippant about it, which makes me think it would only be a waste of money anyway, even in the best case scenario. If we are talking about something like gaining 20lbs without Anavar, compared to 21lbs with Anavar, then I don’t even want to take it anyway.

Based on actual clinic data it seems that LGD is the best SARM, which is like being the best house in a bad neighborhood. If you absolutely had to bridge (which is not a great idea but we can talk more about it) then LGD is your Huckleberry.