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First Cycle For Evaluation


Week 1 to 10: 500mg of Test-C weekly
Week 13 - 40mg nolva+ 100mg clomid daily
Week 14 - 30mg nolva+ 50mg clomid daily
Week 15 - 20mg nolva+ 50mg clomid daily
Clenbuterol for PCT

Body Profile:
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 230lbs
Measurements: unknown

Iron Stats:
Deadlift: 500
Squat: 425
Bench: 350

Diet: Currently at 5,000 k/cal per day
Variety of lean meats, vegetables, fruits (relatively carbo-phobic, which I know is a problem)
Ancilliary: plenty of olive oil, peanut butter, and the Biotest line up of Surge Recovery, Creatine Monohydrate, Low Carb Metabolic Drive, Carbolin 19, Grow! Whey, and Tribulus Terrestis

I know I am missing on plenty of information. If anything else is needed in order to provide a thorough evaluation and advice, just post needed information.

  1. The 10 weeks of test cyp are OK.

  2. You need an aromatase inhibitor like Adex to control estrogen while using test cyp.

  3. You might consider HCG to keep testes plump during cycle and facilitate recovery during PCT.

  4. PCT is ok to start in week 13 but why don’t you just do 4 weeks of Nolva at: W1:40mg/d, W2:40mg/d, W3:20mg/d, W4:20mg/d. Clomid tends to have more sides like making you emotional and is not required when using Nolva.

  5. Why clen at end of cycle? That may be catabolic to your muscle gains.