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First Cycle for Cutting?

I was thinking Test P 250mg per week for 10 weeks + Winstrol 30mg everday for the last 6 weeks. I was wondering if this was a good first cuting cycle and what support I should use during the cycle. I was gonna use clomid for PCT.

That was my first cycle and my favorite. Some people will say since its test p you should inject every 3-4 days since test p is a short ester but i did once every week and it worked just fine and winstrol helped pack on good lean muscle mass and help me get cut. If your wanting a better choice to get cut i would prefer anavar but winstrol is great too. I was using milk thistle for the liver and started taking it two weeks before cycle and finished taking it until two weeks after my last dose. Theres much better liver supports out there like liv 52 which i would recommend. Then 3 days after your last injection, you could start with clomid and do 50mg first 2 weeks and then drop to 25 for the last 2 weeks,a total of 4 weeks. I would prefer nolvadex though,less side effects and ive heard better recovery but everyones different and clomid will still get the job done well so no worries. I recommend starting winstrol on your 3rd week (3rd injection) and then finish at the end of your 10th week for a total of 8 weeks that way you could finish your last two weeks (week 11&12) on just test alone so that way the winstrol wont suppress your test and i suggest test for 12 weeks,if you do 10 then winstrol for 6 weeks

You will have to pin the test prop every day if you want any good gains, running a short ester with 3-4 half life for 10 weeks is also a very long time and taxing on the body.

you literally just give the worst advice, you pinned test P once every week, did pct 3 days right after a fast acting compound cycle and used liv52, go back to evolutionary . org and join the rest of your teenager cycle buddies please.

do not listen to this guy unless you want shit gains and TRT

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Listen to what :point_up:️ that guy said. I would run test prop at a minimum EOD and I would run superdrol instead of the winstrol.