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First Cycle for Beginner

Hey not sure if any one can give me a hand on my first time pinning, but this is what my cycle may look like any advice will truly help, biggest thing for me is to make sure my pct is in check, or not to get Gyno so any information please give me feedback
Test e 250 mg every 3 day wk 1 - 12
Winstrol 50mg wk 7 - 12
Off for 2 weeks then start pct
Pct week 14-17 novaldex 40/40/20 does this sound right?

Couple questions my buddy said to also take hcg with my pct to boost my testosterone back to natural quicker???
He also did 250 mg of test e for his first time, and got pretty good results he said, but everywhere I looked ppl said if your gonna do it you may as well do 500 mg?
And thoughts on aromisain, with my cycle? That a thing? Since test can aromitize? If any one out there can help set me up for success. I’d love to hear the comments. Also dunno if it matters but I am 33, I have only done sarms caradine, sr-9009 and got pretty good results. But nothing crazy.

You’re pretty spot on. Most here will tell you test only, but IMO stacking with an oral is no biggie. Good to have an AI on hand in case you get sides.

You’ll want an AI on hand. You may need it. You may not. Everyone is a little different. Would stay away from winstrol on your first run. Test-only will blow you away. No HCG on pct.

Alright sweet, so you say AI on hand, curious to what side effects you may be looking for? Or when to use it? I’ll for sure get one. Then I guess I was just looking at throughing winstrol at the end because in reality I was using the test as a base, for the winstrol to help add the shredded look.

I’d stick with test only for your first cycle. Honestly you’ll get great results if you train and eat right on only 200. I’d go that route. The more drugs is better approach isn’t the approach I’d take.

The thinking behind only one drug is you don’t know how you’ll react to either. If you have sides then you won’t lnow which drug is causing them. I guess since your adding the oral at the end of the cycle this might be a non issue, but I’d save it for future cycles as you’ll get good results without it.

so you say AI on hand, curious to what side effects you may be looking for? Or when to use it?

Sensitive or puffy nipples, excessive water retention are probably two most common. If that comes up I’d start with .5mg adex 12 hrs after each shot. Even if you go with a lower dose like 200-250 I’d still split it every 3.5 days. I usually do Monday morning and Thursday nights.

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