First Cycle for 38-Year Old

Hello…My name is Jose…i am 38 years old …5´10 and weight around 76kg. I have been training for years , both bodybuilding and jujitsu. there are some months i do a ketogenic dieta but aren´t able to cut fat from my abs. I´m thinking of a first cycle. I am very worried about infertility, hairloss and gyno…so i am planning in doing a small amout of steroids to lose some fat.
My ideia is to do:

Testosterone E 125mg every 3 days for 12 weeks
Anavar 20mg ED for 6 weeks
T3 ED for 4 weeks
Occasional clembuteral before training
For protection i will take 10 mg novaldex ED and dutasteride EOD 0,5mg

For PCT i´m doing the usual novaldex and clomid

Is it safe this way for nfertility, hairloss and gyno. Should i do a shorter cycle? Should i change the doses?

Thanks in advance for all the input you all can give me… and sorry for my english…i´m portuguese by the way

You do not need drugs to lose fat. You need a calorie deficit, whether that’s eating less or moving move.

125mg E3D is on the upper end of a mere TRT dose. Not worth shutting down your bodies natural production for. You’re risking way more than you will gain or benefit.

Occasional clen won’t do much at all.

Nolva ED is absolutely unnecessary for your proposed amount of drugs.

Nolva and Clomid together is absolute overkill for your proposed cycle.

You’ve never ran any of these drugs before, yet you think it’s wise to introduce FIVE drugs into your body at the same time? What if you have horrible sides, how will you determine what your body has side effects from?

As stated above, you do not need drugs. You are 5’10 and 167lbs. You are thin as it is, or you have a very high level of body fat. Neither is a good reason for AAS. Experiment with cardio, diet, weight training. Belly fat is the most stubborn, get creative or mix it up.


i am 38…been training since i was 19…tried everything…so i need an edge…which dose you recomend that doesnt affect infertility , gybo and hair?

thanks for the input

If you’ve been training and eating properly for 19 years then you would look like a God. You don’t need an edge, you need to revisit the basics


Absolutely agreed with @jaykay you’re 5’10 at 167 and you say you still have a good amount of fat - that means that not only have you not been eating properly, but you don’t have a lot of muscle. Guys who know how to train and eat can still fuck themselves up taking AAS, but guys who don’t know anything about training or dieting who THEN take AAS will get none of the benefits and all of the side effects. What’s your training plan and diet?

This isn’t going to be a good cycle my friend. All of the previous comments left by the other gentlemen are correct. Forgetting for a moment the diet and training aspect, the cycle itself is not tailored to your goals nor is it going to be effective.

If you’re worried about gyno then that can be addressed pretty easily. If you’re worried about hair loss and infertility then perhaps steroids are simply not for you. Hair loss is mostly genetic, so if you’re on the path to losing hair already then steroids will accelerate it. If you’re not then you have less to worry about. Infertility is very seldom permanent, especially after one cycle.

For your goals, I seriously would not recommend any drugs man. Years of experience does not necessarily equate to proper training or a solid diet. You’re 5’10 and 167lbs, you should be pretty lean already, or you hate a higher percentage body fat and very little muscle. Diet, training, and genetics will dictate your ab definition and belly fat.

Mix it up to achieve your goals. Steroids are not necessary for you. You’d be running all the risks for little to no reward. Don’t screw with your hormones just to lose some belly fat.

Like i said…when i was in my twenties…high metabolic rate…good diet little carbs…never saw my abs. Sorry but i would like to see them at least one time. I thank you all for the input but i only asked about the steroids…something with little risk but also little goals…if you cant help about that…thanks anyway for your time and the moderator can close the thread

They are giving you great help. If you can’t find your abs with out steroids you will never find them with all the steroids in the world.

Friend, your selection of drugs and your dosing are not going to get you what you supposedly want. If you actually wanted to see your abs you’d be more prepared to accept help from people who have expressed interest in helping. I suspect you don’t really want to see your abs so much as you want to get validation for your cycle as it is laid out. If you want a better cycle then ask for one rather than being so sensitive to constructive criticism.

can you help me get a better cycle? taking in consideration gyno, hairloss and infertility. thanks

I still don’t think you’re grasping what many guys are saying.

You don’t need steroids for your goals. Period. Did your goals change? Do you now want to gain more muscle mass?

Second, the things you’re worried about (gyno, hair loss, infertility) are all risks you take when using AAS man. Sure, the risk is lower, and hair loss is more genetic than anything, but none the less, the fact that you keep making those concerns the main driving force behind picking your drugs, just says that you’re not ready for steroids.

You may get gyno, you may have experience thinning or hair loss, and you may have hormonal issues after you come off, period. It’s a possibility. If you’re so concerned about it, especially given your goals, it’s just not worth it.

You might be better off trying some SARMS rather than steroids, less side effects like hair loss, or gyno. Do plenty of research first. Only try one new drug at a time, run it for the full cycle before thinking about adding another.

I didnt mention sarms because its still unknown territory and aas are studied more…we dont know wich are the long term effects of sarms…thanks

Since there is a good chance he has never done a male hormone blood test we have no clue if a T cycle would not help.
So that is where I will start my advice. Get a male hormone blood test.
For your first cycle all you need is T enough to take 300mg/wk for 12 weeks. gyno, hair loss, infertility should not be a problem if you hold your cycles to two a year. nolvadex is all you will need for your PCT but 10 ED is not good enough. Research Nolvadex PCT.
Good luck. It really is that simple no need to complicate things. On cycle 2 go to 400.

Thanls gor the reply. The nolvadex 10 mg i would take during the cycle to prevent gyno.Pct woyld be the standart nolvadex and clomid. Thanks

Nolva AND clomid is not standard PCT…

From what i read it was the recommended…what do you recomend?

One or the other. The preference is for Nolvadex.