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First Cycle for 17 Year Old

I don’t want to do test on its own just because I’m seventeen because I’m still growing and dont want to accelerate the close of my growth plates. I’ve been training for 8 months and gains are coming hard ive been training hard 3-4 times a week consistently changing up my workout and not seeking gains anymore is killing my motivation. The only thing I haven’t tried is test Or hgh boosters, but im not sure on how effective they are. Im 5’11, 65kg, 12 percent bf I want to gain alot more strength and stay lean but gain alot of high quality muscle and hold onto as little water after my cycle as possible. I’ve researched alot but cant find a beginner plan without it being all test which I just don’t want to run. My goal is to put on 4kg lean muscle anything else is gravy. Would appreciate my question being answered and not reasons why I shouldn’t do it because of age or to just do test please!

Do deca only cycle and then make “17yo with deca dick” thread after few months…

You are still growing. You will fuck up your system by throwing drugs into it.

Those are your balls, so think again.
I wouldn’t play with my balls, but if you are fine with consequences you can have for life… sure, go ahead…

But I would definitley not advise you to take any steroid!


The list of things you haven’t tried is a lot longer than that, and I’m not talking about supplements or steroids.

I rarely chime in on steroids threads because I don’t do them and thus have no expertise to offer, but I can assure you that you are the poster child for doing steroids at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.


What is your question?

The safest way to get the goals i stated

How can I achieve my goals that i have stated

Safest way would be to wait at least few years before taking anything.


Working out 8 months is very little time. You said you’ve changed routines… from what to what? Your strengths and weaknesses? What is your diet like? Is there anybody at your gym that’s reputable in training you could seek advice from about your routine before trying anabolics?


I used to do spilt workout every week working specific body parts did that for 4 month 5 days a week and stopped seeing results so I changed it to work upper, lower body, push exersises, pull exercises, and then legs, did that 5 days a week and saw results again. But now I’m stuck again. Diet- oatmeal or eggs and beans in the morning. Lunch usually chicken rap and protein shake dinner usually varys but always alot of carbs and protein. Protein shake before bed.

Im quite strong on triceps, chest can can bench 80 for 4 reps which is good for my body wieght. Weakeat point legs, can confortable squat 85 to 8 reps but i tend to go for the leg press

I recommend getting “Starting Strength” by Mark Rippetoe. Given the amount of time you have been training, your age and bodyweight, and your lifts, there is no way you should be taking steroids. Keep in mind that muscles will respond quicker to increased stress than tendons, and ligaments. You are a beginner. Get the most you can naturally before going to PEDs. At least wait until you are 21.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

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Oh my god u have been training for 8 fucking months And ur fucking crying??? U weigh 65kg at 5”11 u can put on another 20kg in 3/4 year before even thinking of a cycle. Seriously how dumb are you? Since your using kg and ft, eating beans and eggs, ill guess your British and you have easy acces there. Dont take ANYTHING stop being such a wuss and train for real. Get a program and some ballz!!!


Look, I’m 22yo and natural. I’m also kinda begginer (frequent breaks because of injuries I had because I do stupid things). But I have 68kg and I’m 180cm tall. My upper body looks like I escaped concentration camp. I can squat 90kg for 8 reps and you can bench press 80kg for 4 reps, and I can make 10 reps with 80kg on bench press. And that’s impressive for my weight.

When I was 17 I was a lot weaker than what you are now. And if I got stronger since then - so will you.

Also, why am I not doing steroids?

  • Because I still haven’t reached my natural limit and there’s just so much to grow for my height.

You are still growing. You will get stronger simply by time since you are young. And tossing steroids in body that’s still in puberty can make so many things go wrong and not develop properly which can have long term consequences. And that could also mean that if you start with steroids now - you will stay smaller than what you would be if you waited few years before doing them.


Dunno why everyone is trying to stop him. I get so many lolz from the threads these kids make 6 months later asking why a cycle has stopped giving them boners and gyno and shrivelled balls and why they don’t feel sexually interested in chicks anymore.

The ones about how they are contemplating suicide due to years of the above problems is not so funny though.

Good luck @jawadk383 but if you do get erectile dysfunction can you plz make a thread about it later dude? Makes my day usually, one less guy chatting up chicks that I wanna bang.


If you actually are 12 percent bf% (most people grossly underestimate bf%, that still only puts you at 125 lbs / 57 kg lean mass. This indicates to me that you just don’t have the training / eating experience to use steroids yet.

At your current size, 4 kg of mass should be attainable in 6 months training naturally.

If you need to get on gear to bench 150 kgs, how much will you need to bench 200 kgs?

In all honesty, spend the money on a coach to help you get to your goals. I bet in 12 weeks working with a strength coach (you mentioned strength / weight gain is what you are after), that you would probably be just as strong as if you spent your money on steroids.

Obviously, at 5’11 and 143 pounds, steroids are the only method on the planet of having you gain 8-9 pounds of muscle.

wait for it-
You could eat more food, twiggy.


8 months of training at 17 years old and wants to try gear …

You’re just starting out concentrate on compound lifts and more weight and add a few isolations in at the end to help with weak parts. You’re diet probably has a lot of room for improvement and I hate to break it to you but if you want to put on all that muscle you’re going to have to gain some fat too you can try to minimize this but your genetics will play a role in how much Lean muscle you can build you need to learn how to maximize the this. Steroids now will hinder you growth as a lifter and I mean learning what works best for your body what spirits work best what diet works best I wouldn’t thing about running gear until you were 21, 25 preferably. I’m 36 now and just starting and I know how tempting it is. Had tons of friends running cycles when I was younger and it was so tempting. I thought about it every day but I’m so happy I didn’t start them earlier now. Get your labs done too and just see where you’re at now before doing anything. No matter what you’ll need a baseline

I have a post that is waiting approval. I did this last year and this shit anti gyno protocol. Now with 18 i can’t get hard even with viagra. It’s not my hormones, they are fine. You will se in my post. My life is over man. I’m killing myself

Are you serious man, if you’re actually serious and need someone to talk to message me man, the only thing that is permanent is death, there’s no coming back from that but I know your situation isn’t permanent. Just because it sucks now doesn’t mean it will always suck.